Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353: Utterly Helpless “Ugh…” Mark felt his breath stall, his face turning crimson, and veins bulging on his forehead. He wanted to struggle, but he found himself completely devoid of strength in his limbs. Deep inside, an uncontrollable sense of fear surged within him. He had always thought of Dustin as a mere lamb, but suddenly, the other had transformed into a vicious tiger. The immense power displayed left him utterly helpless. He had no doubt that with just a little more force, Dustin could snap his neck. “Outrageous!” “Bold!” “Release Mr. Mark quickly!” After a brief silence, the entire VIP lounge erupted in chaos. A group of suited henchmen roared angrily, ready to make their move. “Dustin! Have you gone mad? You dare to touch Mr. Mark, don’t you value your life? Let go!” Carlos shouted. “Rhys! This is the Comcast Tower. If you harm Mr. Mark even a bit, you’ll have nowhere to hide!” Roselyn was getting anxious. Dustin was someone she had brought here, and if anything happened to Mr. Mark, she would surely be implicated. “I didn’t want to use force, but you pushed me too far. Do you think I have no temper?” Dustin snatched the gun from Mark’s hand and pressed it against his forehead, saying coldly, “I’ll ask you, how does it feel to be held at gunpoint?” “You… you brat! I warn you not to mess around. If you dare harm me, your whole family will suffer!” Mark’s voice squeezed out of his throat. “Oh, really?” Dustin slowly lowered the gun, pushing it directly into Mark’s mouth. “Do you think I’m afraid of your threats?” “Gasp!” Mark’s pupils contracted, and cold sweat instantly broke out. He could clearly feel the killing intent emanating from Dustin. “Young man, don’t be impulsive. If you harm Mr. Mark, you won’t survive either!” Hazel hastily intervened. “Miss Hazel, this guy doesn’t intend to let me go. How about taking the initiative while we have the chance?” Dustin’s finger rested on the trigger. “Wait!” Carlos’s face changed, and he hastily said, “Mr. Rhys, let’s talk it out. This was supposed to be a deal. Why resort to violence? How about this, put the gun down, and we can sit down and have a proper discussion.” “There’s nothing to discuss. I’ve already said the formula isn’t for sale,” Dustin responded coldly. “Alright, alright… If it’s not for sale, it’s not for sale,” Carlos hurriedly agreed, wearing a placating smile. “If the deal can’t be made, we can still engage in a long-term partnership for medicinal ointments. That way, it’s a win-win situation for both of us. What do you think?” “That sounds reasonable, but I’m not sure if you have the sincerity for it,” Dustin’s expression softened somewhat. Killing Mark Walter was straightforward, but it might lead to unnecessary complications afterward. If someone paid close attention, it could jeopardize his plans. “Sincerity, you say? Of course, we do!” Carlos said seriously. “I’ll personally guarantee that as long as you release Mr. Mark, we’ll enter into a long-term partnership. We’ll share prosperity and face difficulties together in the future.” “What do you say?” Dustin looked at Mark. The latter had a gun stuffed in his mouth, so he could only mumble and nod to indicate his agreement. “See that? Mr. Mark has already agreed,” Carlos said with a pleased expression. “Today, we’ve avoided a fight, and from now on, we’ll be brothers who share life and death!” Mark Walter didn’t say anything but continued to nod. When you’re under someone else’s roof, you have to bow your head. With the gun barrel in his mouth, who wouldn’t be intimidated? “Alright, I’ll trust you this once,” Dustin slowly released Mark and tossed the gun into the trash can. Cough, cough, cough… Mark’s body relaxed, and he began to cough violently. His back was already soaked with sweat.


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