Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354: Fortune Favor It’s all good, it’s all good. The misunderstanding has been cleared up, and let’s put the past behind us with a smile,” Carlos chuckled and gave a discreet signal. Mark quickly understood and moved away, retreating into the crowd. He shouted, “You little brat! How dare you threaten me? You must be tired of living! Guards, get him!” As soon as he gave the order, dozens of his henchmen in suits immediately surrounded Dustin. “Hold on!” Suddenly, Hazel stood in front of Dustin and questioned, “Mr. Mark! You’ve clearly agreed to cooperate, so why are you resorting to violence?” “Hmph! I agreed earlier, but now, I’ve changed my mind!” Mark said unapologetically. “You at least have some reputation and face. Changing your stance publicly like this, aren’t you afraid of being ridiculed?” Hazel frowned. “Ridicule?” Mark grinned sinisterly. “This is my territory. Once I deal with this kid, have my way with you, and then block all news, who will know anything?” “You… you shameless scum!” Hazel was furious. “Hehe… To be frank, I have even more shameless tricks up my sleeve. Once we’re in bed together, you’ll understand,” Mark smirked. “Mark Walter, I’ve already given you a chance. If you dare to make a move again, I guarantee you’ll regret it,” Dustin said calmly. He didn’t believe a word of Carlos and Mark’s reconciliation. It was just a test. If the two of them really intended to reconcile, he could pretend like nothing had happened. Unfortunately, old habits die hard. “Regret?” Mark sneered menacingly. “You think you still have a chance after I accidentally tripped over your path earlier? Now, do you think you have the capital to turn the tables?” “Whether I do or not, you can try,” Dustin said confidently. “Damn it! I think you won’t see the coffin without shedding tears! Guards, let’s get him!” Mark gave the order. “Disable him!” The group of henchmen swarmed him. “Brother Dustin, leave it to me!” Maximus, standing in the back, sneered, turning into a blur and crashing into the crowd.” The next moment, cries of surprise and screams of agony echoed one after another. Maximus, like a tiger among sheep, began to rampage in all directions. After the nurturing of wine madness, Maximus’s strength now rivaled that of a late-stage innate expert. These henchmen from Comcast Club had practiced some martial arts, but they still had no resistance against innate martial artists. In just five short minutes, dozens of people had already been knocked to the ground. “Hmph! Not a single one of them can fight!” Maximus clapped his hands, looking quite disdainful. He hadn’t even warmed up yet. “H-How… How is this possible?!” Watching his wailing underlings sprawled on the ground, Mark couldn’t help but widen his eyes, a mixture of fear and astonishment washing over him. He had thought he had the upper hand, which was why he dared to go back on his word in front of everyone. However, he hadn’t even dreamed that there was such a formidable expert hidden by Dustin’s side. “Damn! Who is this kid? How can he be so powerful?” Carlos was frightened, his legs trembling. He had always underestimated Maximus, thinking he was just Dustin’s lackey, never imagining that he was a martial arts expert. This was a grave mistake! “One against dozens? Is he even human?” Roselyn gaped in disbelief, her expression one of incredulity. They couldn’t even depict something like this in movies, could they? “No wonder… No wonder he was so confident. It turns out he had a martial arts expert protecting him.” Hazel’s eyes sparkled with excitement and surprise. Just moments ago, they had thought it was all over, but now it seemed that fortune had favored them at the last moment.


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