Chapter 1355

Chapter 1355: Own Undoing “Brother Dustin, how should we deal with this big guy?” After dealing with all the underlings, Maximus’s gaze suddenly locked onto Mark, his expression filled with malice. “Start by breaking one of his hands.” Dustin calmly uttered a few words. “No problem!” With a cold sneer, Maximus suddenly stepped forward and firmly held Mark Walter. “Wait… wait! Let’s talk, I think we can discuss this further… Ah!” Mark panicked. Just as he was about to offer some excuses, Maximus abruptly twisted his arm, causing a pig-like scream to escape his lips. His face contorted, and he was drenched in sweat. Carlos and Roselyn watched from the sidelines, their hearts filled with fear, and shivers running down their spines. Who would have thought that just moments ago, the arrogant Mark would be pinned to the ground and humiliated? “Mr. Mark, you made a wrong decision.” Dustin slowly approached, looking down at the massive man before him and said indifferently, “I gave you two chances earlier, but you didn’t appreciate them. You had to dig your own grave. Tell me, how should I deal with you?” “Kid! I admit defeat today!” Mark gritted his teeth and said, “You’ve beaten me, you’ve humiliated me. Let’s call it quits here. We won’t cross paths in the future, alright?” “Don’t think I’m a fool,” Dustin said coldly with a faint smile. “Who just reneged on their word earlier? Who was it that turned their back on their promises? When you thought you could win, you were all swagger, and when you couldn’t, you tried to compromise. Do you think such a cheap deal exists in this world?” “Kid! Don’t push your luck!” Mark threatened with a menacing tone, “The people outside are all mine. As soon as I give the order, they’ll rush in and tear you apart!” “You’re still talking tough!” Maximus snorted coldly, grabbed Mark’s hair, and smashed his face forcefully onto the gambling table. “Bang!” A muffled sound. Mark’s front teeth shattered, his nose flattened, and blood splattered across his face. “You… you two are doomed! I’ll dismember you into a thousand pieces!” Mark shouted in rage and desperation. “Break one of his legs,” Dustin spoke again. “Alright!” Without hesitation, Maximus stomped on Mark’s knee. With a “crack” sound, Mark’s knee bent inward at a ninety-degree angle, the broken bones piercing through flesh, causing a gory sight. “Ah—!” Mark let out a piercing scream, his face contorted grotesquely, and his body began to convulse from the intense pain. “Stop! Please stop!” At this moment, Carlos snapped out of his daze and immediately tried to intervene, saying, “Dustin! Do you realize what you’re doing? Mark is the underground overlord of South City, with immense power and countless underlings. If you harm him, you’ll undoubtedly face endless pursuit!” “That’s right! Release Mr. Mark now, or your whole family will suffer!” Roselyn continued to shout. “What’s this? Do you two also want to lose your hands and feet?” Dustin slowly raised his head. His eyes were sharp and cold, like a knife, piercing through both of them. Carlos blinked, subconsciously taking two steps back, and said with a determined tone, “Dustin, I know you and your friend have some skills, but in Stonia, you can’t solve everything with just your fists and feet. Even if you can fight, can you fight against guns? Can you fight against artillery shells? Can you fight against the military? Dustin, stop now. Everyone outside is Mr. Mark’s people. If you repent in time, I can still plead with Mr. Mark to spare you. But if you persist in your stubbornness, it will be your own undoing!”


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