Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356: Talk Too Much This speech was a mix of persuasion, both firm and gentle. For an average person, it might have caused them to waver. However, upon hearing it, Maximus immediately stepped forward and slapped Carlos, scolding, “You talk too damn much!” “Smack!” Carlos was slapped and spun around in place, his mouth crooked. He couldn’t believe it. As the young master of the Grantwood family, when had he ever been publicly slapped like this? “What… how dare you hit me?” Carlos covered his burning face, somewhat incredulous. As the young master of the Grantwood family, he had never been slapped in public before. “What’s wrong with hitting you? If you keep blabbering, I’ll cut your tongue off!” Maximus said sternly. Carlos was frightened and didn’t dare to speak again. Damn it, these two guys were completely insane, not even putting Mr. Mark in their eyes. “You two brats have some nerve!” Mark Walter, lying on the ground, shouted angrily, “This is the Comcast Tower! It’s my territory! It’s also the Langfords family’s property! Daring to harm me is provoking the dignity of the Dragon family. From tonight onwards, there will be no place for you in all of Stonia!” With things having come to this point, he no longer held back and directly mentioned his backing. “What? Mr. Mark’s backing is the Langfords family?” As this statement was made, the VIP room erupted in commotion. No wonder Mr. Mark had become the underground overlord of South City in just ten years. It turned out he had the Langfords family supporting him. In Stonia, there were eight major aristocratic families, divided into the upper four families and the lower four families. The upper four families had significant influence, with members holding important positions in the government or having considerable power and wealth. The lower four families, like the Stratford and Torby families in South City, were relatively weaker in terms of power and influence, compared to the upper four families. The gap between them was like that between a cat and a tiger. The Langfords family belonged to the upper four families in Stonia, and they were even among the top three! So, the Langfords family was often referred to as the “Langfords Gate.” Anyone who could establish a connection with the Langfords family was like a carp leaping over the Langfords Gate, signifying a great leap in their fortunes. “The Langfords family? Sounds pretty formidable,” Dustin squinted slightly. He vaguely remembered having some minor conflicts with the Langfords family when he was in Swiston. “What? Scared now?” Mark sneered. “Brat, do you think I’ve been able to establish myself here for so many years without powerful backing? If you don’t want to die, release me immediately, kowtow and beg for forgiveness, and I might spare your sorry lives!” “Is that so?” Dustin coldly snorted, then pressed his foot onto Mike’s face. “And what if I don’t release you?” “Brat! Do you dare to defy the Dragon family?” Mike gritted his teeth. “Do you know that anything outside the Forbidden City is under the Langfords family’s control? Don’t talk about the Langfords family; even if the royal family of Stonia came, they couldn’t save you today!” As Dustin was speaking, he stomped heavily again, this time crushing Mark’s other arm. “Ah—!” Mike let out a pig-like scream. Just then, the door of the VIP room was violently kicked open with a “bang,” and a well-dressed young man entered with a group of imposing followers.


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