Chapter 1357

Chapter 1357: Boldly Speak “Bold! Who dares to act recklessly in the Comcast Tower!” The young man radiated an aura of hostility as he entered, scanning the room with sharp, cutting eyes. Anyone who met his gaze instinctively lowered their heads. “Isn’t that the Fourth Young Master of the Langfords family, Eddie? Why is he here?” “The hidden mastermind behind the Comcast Tower has always been the Langfords family. Now that there’s trouble here, the Langfords family won’t sit idly by.” “They beat up Mr. Mark and disrupted the Langfords family’s business. These two kids are in big trouble today!” “Hmph! These young people don’t know their place. They think they can run wild in Stonia with a little martial arts. It’s ridiculous!” The sudden turn of events sparked discussions among the gamblers in the VIP room. Even the Langfords family had been alerted, and there was no way this incident would end well. “Fourth Young Master… Please save me!” Eddie’s appearance brought tears of joy to Mark’s eyes. He looked at Eddie as if he had found a savior and struggled to stand up. However, he lost his balance halfway and fell to the ground. Rolling a few times due to the momentum, he ended up at Eddie’s feet. “Mark Walter? How did you get injured like this?” Eddie was slightly surprised and showed a look of shock. He had been enjoying himself in the neighboring area and had rushed over upon hearing about the disturbance at the Comcast Tower. However, he hadn’t expected Mark to be in such a miserable state. Both hands broken, left leg fractured, his face bruised and bloodied – Mark Walter looked extremely battered. It was worth noting that Mark was a pawn supported by the Langfords family in South City. Although he couldn’t step into the limelight, he held sway in this area of South City. Ordinary forces wouldn’t dare to provoke him, let alone beat him up so badly. “Fourth Young Master! You’ve finally come! If you had been a moment later, I’m afraid I would have been killed!” Mark cried with a pitiful expression, prostrating himself before Eddie’s feet, looking particularly wronged. “Who did this? Who injured you like this?” Eddie demanded in a deep voice. “It was those two kids!” Mark replied. Mark pointed accusingly at Dustin and his companion, his voice full of resentment. “It was them! They did it!” “Hmm?” Eddie followed the gesture and his gaze soon settled on Dustin. He then examined him from head to toe and asked, “Kid, who are you? How dare you cause trouble in the Comcast Tower? Do you know that the Comcast Tower belongs to my Langfords family?” “I didn’t know before, but I do now,” Dustin replied calmly. “Now that you know, speak up. How should we resolve this matter?” Eddie asked with a stern expression. “It’s very simple. Have Mark kneel down and apologize, and then compensate me for the Comcast Tower. I’ll consider today’s events as if they never happened,” Dustin said casually. “What did you say?” Eddie paused for a moment, as if he couldn’t believe his ears. The others in the hall also exchanged puzzled glances, astonished by what they had just heard. Was this guy insane? With the Langfords family involved, instead of submitting and apologizing, he was demanding an apology from Mark, and even had the audacity to ask for compensation for the Comcast Tower. Wasn’t this utter madness? “To dare speak so boldly in front of the Fourth Young Master of the Langfords family, it seems you really don’t understand the gravity of your situation!” Carlos sneered. “This country bumpkin has no idea who he’s offending,” Roselyn shook her head. Anyone with a bit of knowledge or intelligence wouldn’t utter such words. Daring to be so audacious in front of Eddie was either foolishness or sheer stupidity. “Kid, did I hear you correctly? You just said you want Mark to apologize, and at the same time, you want the Comcast Tower?” Eddie scratched his ear as if he couldn’t believe what he had heard.


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