Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358: Ask For Comcast Tower Having spent so many years in South City, no one had ever dared to talk to Eddie like this. What was this? Courting disaster? “You heard me correctly; I did say that,” Dustin nodded seriously. “Interesting…” Eddie suddenly laughed, but his gaze turned exceptionally cold. “Kid, I’ve never seen someone as audacious as you, daring to demand the Langfords family’s property. Impressive! I can give you the Comcast Tower, but the question is, do you dare to take it?” “If you give it, I’ll take it; if you don’t give it, I’ll take it by force,” Dustin replied plainly. “Hahaha…” Hearing this, Eddie laughed out in anger. “Kid, you truly have nerves of steel! Do you know what you’re doing? You’re playing with fire, big time!” The last few words were almost squeezed out between his teeth. “Who’s playing with fire is still uncertain,” Dustin replied calmly. “Very well, I hope you won’t beg for mercy later. I quite enjoy seeing you being so arrogant,” Eddie said as he raised his hand abruptly. “Turn off the cameras! Prepare to clear the room! Everyone unrelated, get out!” As soon as he spoke, the guests in the VIP room immediately rushed towards the door, not daring to stay. They knew very well that the Fourth Young Master Eddie was about to get serious. After tonight, there might be two corpses at the bottom of the river. “Hmph! Now let’s see how you escape this!” Mark sneered, his eyes full of resentment. “No help now. Prepare to retrieve the bodies tomorrow morning,” Carlos shrugged and walked out, not wanting to be involved. “Hmph! You’ve dug your own grave. Offending the powerful in Stonia, I’m afraid your corpses won’t even be found tomorrow,” Roselyn coldly glanced at Dustin and followed Carlos out. “Young man, I can’t do anything more for you. Best of luck,” Hazel sighed and walked out of the VIP room, full of regrets. If it were Mark, she might have been able to negotiate and help Dustin escape from this predicament. However, dealing with Eddie was a different story. The Lancaster family was insignificant in front of the Langfords family. Interfering would only bring trouble upon themselves. Under Eddie’s commanding order, the entire Comcast was emptied within just three minutes. Only the Langfords family members remained, blocking the entrance to the VIP room, watching closely. “Now, it’s just the two of you,” Eddie said, lighting a cigarette, taking a deep drag, and exhaling a cloud of smoke. He squinted his eyes and continued, “Do you have any last words?” “Before you take any further action, I suggest you make a call to Mr. Ethan Langford, or you’ll regret it,” Dustin said calmly. “Heh… Regret?” Eddie chuckled, “Kid, I know almost all the powerful figures in the Forbidden City. I’ve never seen you before. Do you think you can fool me with a few empty threats? You’re quite naive!” In his view, Dustin was obviously scared and had resorted to bluffing to try to escape the situation. “I’m not from Stonia, but…” Before Dustin could finish his sentence, Eddie interrupted, “Not from Stonia? That makes you even more inconsequential. Get them, boys.” “Yes!” The warriors behind him responded and charged towards Dustin and the others.


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