Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359: Miracle Outside the Comcast Tower: Sitting in her luxury car, Hazel frowned slightly. Her gaze pierced through the window, staring at the splendid entrance of the pavilion. She wore a somewhat melancholic expression. It was not easy to come across an interesting handsome man, and she hadn’t expected him to meet such an untimely end. First, he had offended Mark, and then he had challenged Eddie. Now, he was trapped inside the Comcast Tower, and it seemed he might not make it out alive. Although she was reluctant to admit it, there was nothing she could do now. At this point, the best she could do was prepare for the inevitable retrieval of his body. Unfortunately, it was such a waste… “Oh, Miss Hazel, you haven’t left yet?” At this moment, Carlos, followed by Roselyn, suddenly approached her. “You haven’t left either,” Hazel replied impassively. “Us?” Carlos smiled slightly. “Dustin has some connection with our Healwell Medical Center, so we thought maybe we should stay and help retrieve his body.” “Hmph! Don’t pretend to be sympathetic in front of me. Don’t think I don’t know that you led Dustin to the Comcast Tower!” Hazel said with a cold expression. “We invited him out to discuss business. We didn’t expect him to be so unreasonable and end up in this situation. It’s entirely his own fault,” Carlos shrugged, acting as if it were none of their concern. “That’s right! A country bumpkin like him who doesn’t know any manners, acts arrogantly, and thinks too highly of himself deserves his misfortune!” Roselyn added, not holding back her harsh words. “Roselyn, can you say such things in front of me?” Hazel glared at her, filled with disgust. “If I remember correctly, Dustin has helped your Healwell Clinic more than once. Is this how you repay him? Even animals understand gratitude better than people like you!” “You—!” Stifled by anger, Roselyn couldn’t find a suitable retort. As for Carlos, his face darkened quickly, and he said coldly, “Hazel, we’re all the same in this city. Everyone knows you’re loose with your affections and you crave men. Why do you act like a saint in front of us?” “That’s right! A woman like you, who lacks virtue, has no right to criticize us,” Roselyn chimed in. “Hmph! I might be loose with my affections, but I’m still better than you hypocrites!” Hazel retorted. With that, she silenced Carlos and Roselyn, who were left speechless and frustrated. This woman was truly unpredictable, always changing her tune. “Hazel, I know you like that pretty boy, but unfortunately, he’s doomed to not walk out of the Comcast Tower’s door today. In fact, you won’t even be able to retrieve his entire corpse!” Carlos said coldly, his eyes filled with resentment. “That’s none of your business,” Hazel replied indifferently. “Perhaps, miracles can happen.” “Miracles? Hmph… Even if the Heavenly Emperor himself came today, he couldn’t save him!” Carlos declared angrily. Just as they were conversing, the doors of the Comcast Tower suddenly swung open. Following that, Dustin strolled out casually. He appeared clean and unscathed, as if he had just taken a leisurely walk. “How is this possible?!” Carlos and Roselyn were dumbfounded and stood there in shock. Even Hazel couldn’t believe her eyes, wearing an expression of disbelief. Throughout history, anyone marked for execution by the Dragon family had never come out alive. “I… Am I seeing things? Dustin actually came out, and he’s completely unharmed?” Carlos rubbed his eyes, finding it hard to believe. “No… It’s impossible! He was supposed to meet his death; how could he come out alive?” Roselyn stared wide-eyed, looking as though she had seen a ghost. In their eyes, when Eddie ordered a “clearing of the area,” it was a death sentence for Dustin. They had even prepared to collect his body. Yet, in less than ten minutes, Dustin walked out of the Comcast Tower unscathed. It was simply beyond comprehension!


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