Chapter 1360

Chapter 1360: Langford Mansion “My God! Has a miracle really happened?” Hazel swallowed hard, her expression filled with shock. She had casually mentioned the possibility, not really expecting it to come true. Just as they were still in disbelief, an even more astonishing scene unfolded. Not long after Dustin walked out, Maximus followed him. However, in contrast to Dustin’s calm demeanor, Maximus was holding two people in his hands. On his left was a wailing and maimed Mark Walter, missing both his hands and feet. On his right was a battered and unrecognizable Eddie. Both of them were like dead dogs, being dragged out of the Comcast Tower by Maximus, who held their collars. Bloodstains marked their path. Clearly, Dustin and Maximus hadn’t been spared by Eddie and his elite warriors. Instead, they had fought their way out, leaving behind a trail of bloodshed. It was worth noting that the warriors accompanying Eddie were all elite members of the Dragon family, each capable of taking on dozens of opponents. Yet, in just a few minutes, all of these elite warriors were downed, and even Eddie himself was captured. How could these two be so powerful? “Get in the car.” Dustin pulled out the car keys from Eddie’s pocket and signaled Maximus to toss both Eddie and Mark into the car. Finally, Dustin drove away in Eddie’s Range Rover, leaving only the fading taillights. Carlos gulped nervously, feeling a chill down his spine. Thankfully, they had managed to get out in time. If they had stayed inside, they might have faced a fate similar to Eddie’s. “Senior Brother, what should we do now? Dustin… seems to have kidnapped Eddie Fourth Young Master,” Roselyn said, feeling lost. The current situation had completely exceeded her expectations. “This is bad! That guy has kidnapped Fourth Young Master!” Carlos’s expression changed drastically. “Quick, get in the car! We need to inform the Dragon family immediately and rescue Fourth Young Master. Otherwise, both of us are in grave danger!” Having said that, he hurried into his own car. “What the hell are you still staring at? Move!” Carlos yelled from the car window when he saw Roselyn frozen in place. “Oh, right…” Roselyn snapped out of her daze and quickly got into the passenger seat. With the roar of the engine, the two of them sped away. Dustin was the trouble they had brought upon themselves. If they harmed Eddie, given the Dragon family’s style, they would not be let off lightly. “What is this lunatic trying to do?” Hazel furrowed her eyebrows and then patted the driver’s shoulder. She quickly ordered, “Follow them!” “Vroom!” The luxury car started, following closely behind. The three cars raced through the streets, with each trying to outpace the other. After about an hour of driving, Eddie’s Range Rover was the first to stop in front of a grand mansion. It was an incredibly luxurious compound with a four-sided courtyard and eight separate buildings. The high walls, dark blue tiles, and imposing roof eaves gave it an ancient yet majestic appearance. The gate was a large crimson door adorned with golden edges. Two stone lions stood guard in front of it. Above the gate hung a golden plaque with two large characters written on it: “Langford Mansion.”


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