Chapter 1362

Chapter 1362: State of Shock

“Shut up!”

Ethan’s scalp exploded, and he slapped Eddie heavily on the face.


This slap was extremely powerful, and it sent Eddie flying, causing him to fall flat on his face.

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

They all widened their eyes, finding it hard to believe.

What’s going on?

Someone came to cause trouble, isn’t the patriarch supposed to punish the troublemaker?

How come he just slapped Eddie instead?

Could it be a case of mistaken identity?


Eddie was bewildered, lying on the ground, holding his stinging face, feeling at a loss, “Why… why did you hit me?”

“You ungrateful thing! I’m hitting you!”

Ethan was furious, and as he walked up, he delivered a barrage of punches and kicks while scolding, “You idle around all day, bully men and women, cause trouble everywhere, with someone like you in the Langford family, you’re a great disgrace! Today, I’ll teach you a lesson for your father!”

“Ouch… please, stop… Uncle, I know I was wrong…”

Eddie covered his head with both hands, crying out miserably.

People around were once again dumbfounded, looking at each other in astonishment.

Why did the patriarch suddenly become so violent?

Normally, when Eddie caused trouble, he would, at most, scold him a bit, but today, what’s going on? He not only didn’t blame Dustin, but also beat his nephew so badly?

This is too brutal!

“What’s going on?”

Carlos and Roselyn, who had just arrived by car, were also shocked by the scene in front of them.

In their view, the reason Dustin came to Langford’s Mansion must have been to apologize and beg for his life.

However, they never expected that after Mr. Ethan Langford came out, he not only didn’t blame Dustin, but also beat his nephew so brutally.
What kind of operation is this?

“Are important figures all into bizarre stuff?”

“This is strange, did the Langford family take the wrong medicine?”

Hazel sat in the car, watching from a distance, with an astonished expression.

The events of tonight were completely unexpected.

“Mr. Ethan, after all, he’s your nephew, please go a little easier, just beat him half to death at random,” Dustin smiled and said.

Ethan’s face twitched, and he became even more enthusiastic.


Uncle is also helpless, if you could just endure it for a bit, it would be over soon.

As expected, under Ethan’s brutal beating, Eddie soon passed out.

“Chief, please stop, another blow might take a life,” someone nearby couldn’t bear to watch.

“Humph! Creatures like this need to be properly taught!”

Ethan Langford scolded while stopping his actions. Then he waved his hand and ordered, “Someone, take this creature away for me, watch him carefully, heal his injuries, and then administer family punishment!”

With his command, the half-dead Eddie was finally carried away.

Blood was everywhere along the way.

“Apologies to both of you.”

Ethan Langford turned to Dustin and forced a smile, “I didn’t discipline him properly, which led to his trouble. If there’s anything offensive, please forgive me.”

“Mr. Ethan, please don’t misunderstand, I’m not here to demand retribution. I just want to talk to you,” Dustin smiled.


Ethan Langford swallowed hard.

He silently wondered, what’s there to talk about? What’s your background? Don’t you feel embarrassed at all?

What kind of ending can you have hanging out with him?

Despite his internal criticism, he forced a smile and said, “No problem, no problem, please come inside.”

“Thank you.”

Dustin nodded slightly, then, with Maximus, confidently walked into the Langford Mansion.

Outside, Carlos, Roselyn, and Hazel were left in a state of shock.




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