Chapter 1363

Chapter 1363: Three Reasons

Inside the Langford Mansion, in the reception room.

“Everyone, get out. Without my orders, no one is allowed to enter,” Ethan Langford gestured, dismissing all his subordinates and servants.

“Maximus, go to the side hall and rest for a while. I have some things to discuss with Mr. Ethan,” Dustin signaled.


Maximus nodded and quickly left.

As the doors closed, the entire reception room was left with only Ethan Langford and Dustin Rhys.

“Heh, Young Prince Rhys, why have you come?” With everyone gone, Ethan immediately dropped his pretense.

Dustin’s identity was sensitive, representing the West Lucozia Royal Family. As a high-ranking court official, meeting the heir of the West Lucozia Royal Family privately would lead to rumors and accusations, and could even be labeled as a traitor.

“What? Is Mr. Ethan Langford not welcoming me?” Dustin smirked.

Nonsense! How could I welcome you, this harbinger of bad luck? Unless I’m out of my mind!

Ethan roared internally, but maintained a brilliant smile on his face. “Where would I have the audacity to say that? I’m just pleasantly surprised by your esteemed presence. With your distinguished status and visit, you’ve truly brought glory to my humble abode.”

“Is that so?” Dustin poured himself a cup of tea and casually poured one for Ethan as well.

The latter, filled with trepidation, carefully held the cup with both hands, trying not to spill a drop.

“In fact, I was planning to visit you a little later, but since fate has brought us together, I decided to come a few days early,” Dustin smiled.

Ethan mentally cursed Eddie’s ancestors several times over but maintained a respectful facade. “Where could I possibly refuse a visit from Young Prince? I’m honored by your esteemed presence, and your early visit has truly illuminated my humble abode.”

“Is that so?”

Dustin took a sip of tea and smiled, “I have three main reasons for coming.”

Ethan, still trembling internally, put on a facade of excitement. “Please, Young Prince, share your thoughts.”

“The first reason is that I’ve just arrived in Stonia, and my funds are a bit tight. I hope Mr. Ethan can provide some assistance,” Dustin said with a smile.

Ethan heaved a sigh of relief, thinking it was just about money. “Of course, I’ll immediately arrange for funds. Would three billion be enough? If not, I can gather more.”

Dustin raised an eyebrow, amused by Ethan’s eager response. “Three billion should sufficient. Thank you for your generosity.”

“Mr. Ethan, I have a principle; I don’t like to live off others indefinitely. Cash will eventually run out. It’s better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. What do you think?” Dustin maintained his smile.

“Hmm?” Ethan was taken aback and cautiously asked, “Young Prince, if you don’t want money, then what do you want?”

“Comcast Club is the property of the Langford family, right? I’ve heard it’s quite profitable. How about you give Comcast Club to me?” Dustin proposed.

“Comcast Club?” Ethan’s pupils shrank, and his heart began to race.

This guy was asking for the moon!

Comcast Club was the largest casino in the South City District, with an annual net profit starting at a billion. For the Langford family, it was a golden goose laying eggs.

The fact that this guy didn’t want money but specifically targeted Comcast Club was simply insidious!

“The Langford family is financially robust. A small place like Comcast Club shouldn’t be an issue, right?” Dustin smiled.

Not an issue? It’s amazing you can even say that!

You devil who doesn’t spit out bones after eating people!

Ethan felt a sharp pain as if his flesh was being torn, but he had to force a smile and said, “Since Young Prince likes it, there’s no harm in giving Comcast Club to you.”

“Mr. Ethan is truly generous. I appreciate it in advance,” Dustin nodded in gratitude.

“Young Prince, you’re too kind; it’s only natural,” Ethan replied with twitching lips.

“Mr. Ethan, the second matter is quite simple. You just need to help me find two specific medicinal herbs,” Dustin held up two fingers.

“Oh?” Ethan’s eyes lit up, fearing that Dustin might change his mind, he eagerly responded, “This is an easy task. Even if you need two hundred medicinal herbs, it wouldn’t be a problem if you asked, Young Prince!”




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