Chapter 1365

Chapter 1365: A Promise

“What?!” Dustin’s words directly struck Ethan like a bolt of lightning, and his face turned paler.

The Purple City Uprising from ten years ago was still a forbidden topic that nobody dared to mention. The death of the West Lucozia Queen was even more of an unsolved mystery for many years.

This “unsolved mystery” wasn’t because it couldn’t be solved but because nobody dared to solve it. Even the all-powerful West Lucozia King was eventually forced to suppress the matter. Who would dare to truly investigate the truth?

Back then, the royal court had repeatedly promised to uncover the real culprits but had ultimately let it slide. This alone proved that the mastermind behind the Purple City Uprising had immense power, perhaps even involving the supreme imperial authority.

While the Langford family was influential and wealthy, they were still insignificant in the face of the high-ranking nobles and royals. So, when Ethan heard Dustin’s request, he was shocked, worried, and fearful.

The waters here ran too deep. If the Langford family got involved, they could face irreparable consequences at any moment.

“Mr. Ethan, there’s no need to be so nervous. I’m not asking you to go to your doom. Why are you so afraid?” Dustin tempered his sharpness, smiled gently, and returned to his calm demeanor.

“Y-Your Highness, I can agree to the first two conditions, but this matter… I truly cannot help.” Ethan looked sorrowful and helpless.

The ten-year-old forbidden secret, once reopened, would lead to a massive and potentially catastrophic upheaval.

“Mr. Ethan, if I recall correctly, my mother once helped your Langford family, right?” Dustin suddenly asked.

“Well…” Ethan was momentarily at a loss for words.

Back then, the Langford family had almost faced a disastrous crisis due to some impulsive actions. In desperation, they had sought help from the all-powerful Western Lucozia King. However, the king had been uninterested in meddling in such matters. It was Queen’s intercession that had persuaded the king to aid the Langford family, allowing them to escape disaster.

Ethan had never forgotten this kindness, and it weighed heavily on his heart.

“It seems you haven’t forgotten what happened back then.” Dustin smiled.

Dustin smiled faintly. “My mother devoted her life to doing good deeds and never asked for anything in return. But I’m different. I intend to reclaim everything owed to me. Mr. Ethan, your family’s lives, over a hundred of them, were saved by my mother. Shouldn’t you… repay that kindness?”

Upon hearing this, Ethan fell silent. He held the tea cup in his hands and remained speechless for a long time, his eyes filled with inner conflict.

Dustin poured himself another cup of tea and finished it in one gulp, maintaining his calm tone. “Mr. Ethan, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not asking you to seek revenge for my mother. I simply hope that you can help investigate the events of that year quietly. That’s all I’m asking for. Is this request too much?”

Ethan’s trembling hands steadied, and the ripples in the tea settled after a long period of contemplation.

Finally, Ethan took a deep breath and, with determination, said, “Very well, I promise.”

There were no extra words, just a simple statement.

Calm and resolute.

There was no way to repay the debt of saving his family’s lives.

Now, all he could do was use his meager abilities to console the Queen’s spirit in the heavens.

“Thank you, Mr. Ethan.”

Dustin stood up solemnly, bowed deeply with his hands together, and then straightened himself.

“No need to be so polite, Your Highness. This is something I should do.”

Ethan quickly got up and helped Dustin stand upright, smiling wryly. “I can only do so much.”

Seeking revenge for the Queen was something he didn’t dare to do, nor did he have the ability to do. All he could do was provide assistance to Logan Rhys and repay the Queen’s kindness in his own way.

“That’s enough,” Dustin said with a slight smile. “At least it proves that my mother didn’t save the wrong person.”

“I am ashamed,” Ethan shook his head.

“Mr. Ethan, it’s getting late. I won’t disturb you any longer. Please contact me if you have any updates.”

After exchanging contact information, Dustin took his leave.

To establish himself in Stonia and investigate the truth, he needed the strong support of these prominent families. Otherwise, with only his own abilities, it would be impossible to seek revenge for his mother.



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