Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366: Tap Tap

Dustin had made contact with the Langford family, but that was just the beginning. In his plan, he needed more powerful allies to participate so that he would have the qualifications to challenge the hidden puppeteer behind the scenes.

Outside the gates of the Langford Mansion, two cars were parked in tandem.

Hazel leaned against the back seat with an exhausted look, holding a woman’s cigarette in her hand but not lighting it, allowing the gentle breeze to gradually extinguish it.

It had been nearly two hours since Dustin entered, and there was still no sign of movement.

Could something have gone wrong?

Although Ethan’s behavior had been somewhat unexpected earlier, it couldn’t be ruled out that it was all an act for outsiders. Once inside the Langford Mansion and without any spies, they could easily eliminate witnesses.

Thinking about this, Hazel couldn’t help but feel worried.

She didn’t even understand why she cared so much about someone she had just met. Was it just because of his good looks or his unique personality?


At this moment, the vehicle in front suddenly reversed and then parked side by side with Hazel’s car.

The car windows rolled down, and the faces of Carlos and Roselyn quickly appeared.

“Miss Hazel, you’re still waiting here? I suggest you go back and rest early,” Carlos said with a playful smile. “Dustin is reckless and audacious, intruding into the Dragon’s Lair. I guess by now he has already been dismembered, and we won’t even find his body.”

“Hmph! You said the same thing earlier, but what happened? He came out perfectly fine from the Comcast Club,” Hazel retorted.

“How can you compare the Comcast Club to the Langford Mansion?”

Carlos snorted. “The Langford Mansion is filled with experts, and Dustin entering it is a one-way path to death. Don’t be fooled by the courteous facade Lord Ethan put on earlier; it’s all just a smokescreen to deceive people.”

“That’s right! Dustin might have defeated Langford Fourth Young Master, but that only seals his fate. Your little pretty boy will never come out of there alive!” Roselyn added with some schadenfreude.

Hazel frowned but didn’t say much.

At this moment, a figure suddenly approached Carlos’s car and lightly tapped on the car window.

“Tap, tap!”

The sudden movement startled both Roselyn and Carlos.

The two of them turned their heads instinctively to look, and they were instantly stunned.

Because at some point, Dustin had already stood outside the car, and he was smiling.

His bright white teeth, under the moonlight, seemed somewhat eerie.

“You… you… you… you didn’t die?” Roselyn widened her eyes, finding it hard to believe.

Beside her, Carlos also wore a look of disbelief.

What was going on?

Dustin had caused a scene at the Comcast Club and had beaten up Eddie. How could the Langford family have let him go so easily?

“How come? Disappointed that I didn’t die?” Dustin said with a sardonic smile.

These two jerks seemed almost eager for something bad to happen to him.

“How did the Langford family treat you after you went in for so long?” Carlos cautiously asked.

“How could they treat me? It was Eddie who was arrogant and overbearing, abusing his power. I just went there to seek justice. Fortunately, Lord Ethan is a reasonable person. After understanding the truth, he gave Eddie a good lesson.” Dustin replied casually.

“Then what happened?”

Carlos and Roselyn asked in unison.

“Then Lord Ethan invited us for tea, apologized to us, and compensated us for our mental distress. Then he had someone escort us out.” Dustin shrugged.

“That’s it?”

Both of them widened their eyes, looking incredulous.

When did Lord Ethan become so kind-hearted? Their own person had been beaten, and instead of seeking revenge, he had treated them politely.
Could it be that something was wrong with his brain?




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