Chapter 1367

Chapter 1367: Steering Wheel Crash

Roselyn and Carlos were both at a loss, not understanding Ethan Langford’s behavior.

Was repaying evil with kindness foolish or generous?

A prominent family like the Langfords, wouldn’t they care about their reputation?

“I’ve settled my grievances with the Langford family. Now, let’s talk about our matters,” Dustin said with a smile.

However, this smile appeared sinister to Roselyn and Carlos.

“Mr. Dustin, this matter has nothing to do with me. I’m also a victim here. You see, I’ve been waiting at the door all this time, just worried about your safety,” Carlos forced a smile.

Damn it, this guy in front of him was clearly a lunatic. He dared to fight even with Eddie. What if he angered the Langfords and got beaten up?

“Our matter can be discussed later. I have something to talk to her about,” Dustin said, pointing at Roselyn through the car window.

“I have nothing to talk to you about! Senior Brother Carlos! Drive away quickly!” Roselyn suddenly felt uneasy and signaled for Carlos to leave.

“You want to leave?”

Maximus snorted coldly, then suddenly punched through the window. He grabbed the steering wheel and violently pulled it.


The entire steering wheel was torn off by Maximus and thrown a hundred meters away, landing inside the high walls of the Langford family.


Carlos was dumbfounded, looking at the car handle without a steering wheel, feeling like crying.

My newly bought luxury car!

Roselyn was also stunned, her eye twitching, feeling helpless.

To be able to pull off the whole steering wheel with one hand, was this even human?

“Roselyn, I generally don’t hit women, but your actions tonight have really annoyed me,” Dustin said while smiling, but his eyes were cold, sending shivers down her spine.

“What… what does it have to do with me? I didn’t do anything. Everything is your own doing!” Roselyn said defiantly.

“Deserved it?”

Dustin sneered, “As I thought, someone like you doesn’t listen to reason. Of course, I don’t want to waste my time with you either. I just want to know one thing now: what is the secret about Uncle Lorenzo? If you tell me honestly, I can pretend that nothing has happened.”

“Why should I tell you?” Roselyn deliberately turned her head away.

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll make you disappear from this world,” Dustin said with a faint smile.

“You… dare you!” Roselyn’s eyes twitched, and she threatened, “I warn you, I’m not easy to deal with. If you dare to harm a single hair on my head, I promise you will regret it!”

“Maximus, give her a taste.”

Dustin snapped his fingers and stepped back.


Maximus grinned and reached in, grabbing Roselyn’s hair and forcefully pulling her out.

“Ah! Lets go! Lets go!”

Roselyn struggled and screamed, but Maximus held her tightly, making her unable to move.

“I have a bottle of poison here that can make your skin rot, muscles decay, and never recover.”

Dustin took out a green bottle and shook it in front of Roselyn, smiling, “Imagine what would happen if this stuff spilled on your face?”

“I’m surnamed Grantwood! Don’t mess around! I’m the granddaughter of Dr. Elijah!”

Roselyn panicked and tried to threaten. When she saw that Dustin didn’t respond, she immediately sought help from Carlos, “Senior Brother! Save me—hurry!”


Carlos opened his mouth to say something, but Dustin gave him a cold glance, silencing him.

This was too ruthless.




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