Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369: Torby Family

The next morning, inside a small independent villa, as the first rays of sunlight appeared on the horizon, Dustin, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed, slowly opened his eyes.

With the Sky Spirit Orb in his possession, his martial cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds. He didn’t need to deliberately practice; the Sky Spirit Orb automatically absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, converting it for his use. This meant that he was essentially cultivating all the time.

Moreover, the higher his innate talent, the more powerful the Sky Spirit Orb’s effects would be.

In less than a month, Dustin had already reached the threshold of a Grandmaster. He could break through at any time if he wished. However, to ensure a stable foundation, he had decided to suppress his cultivation for the time being.

There was still a little less than half a year before his one-year agreement with the eunuch. That was plenty of time for him to accumulate strength.

“Ring, ring, ring…”

At this moment, his phone rang. Dustin retrieved it from under his pillow and saw that it was a call from Dr. Elijah. He answered, and elijah’s voice sounded urgent.

“Hello, Dustin, I’m facing a bit of trouble here, and I’m afraid I need your help.”

“Trouble? Is it related to Uncle Lorenzo?” Dustin grew anxious.

“No… it’s not about Master Lorenzo. It’s about Lord Torby,” Elijah hurriedly explained. “Yesterday, Lord Torby suddenly fell seriously ill, and the Torby family has invited all the renowned doctors in the southern city to treat him, including me. Unfortunately, after a day and night of treatment, none of the doctors could do anything.”

“What kind of strange illness is this that even you, Master Elijah, couldn’t cure?” Dustin was curious.

If Elijah could keep Lorenzo alive for ten years, it demonstrated his exceptional medical skills. Even if he encountered a challenging medical case, he should be able to handle it.

“The strange thing is that I suspect Lord Torby isn’t sick but has been cursed!” Dr. Elijah lowered his voice.

“Cursed? Are you sure?” Dustin raised an eyebrow.

“Not entirely sure, just a guess. I know you’re proficient in the mystical arts, so I thought of asking for your help. You mentioned that you needed Torby family’s Dragon Blood Ginseng, right? If you can cure Lord Torby, I believe obtaining a single medicinal plant should be no problem,” Elijah explained.

“Alright, I’ll be there right away,” Dustin agreed and hung up the phone.

Although Dustin had already obtained the Dragon Blood Ginseng, he still needed the Ice Heart Lotus and Golden Marrow Jade. Therefore, he had to save Lord Torby’s life.

On one hand, it was for the sake of obtaining the medicinal herbs, and on the other hand, it was for future considerations. If he could bring the Torby family into his circle, they could be of great assistance in the future. Establishing a foothold in Stonia and developing it into a powerful family required careful planning.

Inside the Torby family mansion.

An elderly man with a pale complexion and a frail body lay unconscious on a bed. The corners of his mouth were bloodied, and his limbs and body were bound with ropes, keeping him forcibly restrained.

Several doctors stood near the door, cowering and unwilling to approach.

Before long, the elderly man suddenly rose up with superhuman strength and brutality just a short while ago, injuring two bodyguards and biting off the ear of one of the doctors, then swallowing it in a horrifying manner.

His ghastly and terrifying appearance, like a demon, sent shivers down everyone’s spines, leaving them traumatized.

After hesitating for a moment, Elijah finally gathered the courage to walk up to the sickbed and carefully checked the situation.

After confirming that the old man was stable, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and quickly left the room.

“Doctor Elijah, how is it? My father is okay, right?”

Outside the door, a group of Torby family members stood.

The leader was Kevin, the eldest son of the Torby family.

Behind him were his wife, Sophia, his daughter, Isabela, and some other Torby family relatives.”



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