Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370: A Curse

“Mr. Torby’s vital signs are temporarily stable, but this peculiar illness is truly elusive, and I’m sorry to say I’m powerless,” Dr. Elijah said regretfully.

“Doctor Elijah, you’re all the best doctors in the southern city. Please, try to find a solution. We must cure my father, no matter how much it costs or what it takes. The Torby family will spare no effort!” Kevin pleaded.

“Mr. Kevin, forgive my bluntness, but the symptoms your father is exhibiting don’t seem like an illness to me; they seem more like a curse,” Dr. Elijah said gravely.

“A curse?”

At these words, everyone was taken aback. Hearing such things from a doctor felt somewhat absurd.

“Doctor Elijah, please explain more clearly. What exactly is going on?” Kevin asked cautiously.

“When I say ‘curse,’ I’m referring to practices such as witchcraft, sorcery, or hexes. I don’t have much knowledge about these things; I’ve only read about them in books, so it’s just a guess on my part,” Dr. Elijah explained.

“Witchcraft and curses?” Kevin furrowed his brow. If an ordinary person had said this, he wouldn’t have believed it, but Dr. Elijah had a renowned reputation, so it couldn’t be baseless.

Moreover, he had heard of similar occurrences before.

“Doctor Elijah, you have vast knowledge and exceptional medical skills. You must have a way to help my grandfather, right?” Isabela suddenly spoke up with teary eyes.

“I have expertise in medicine, but when it comes to these dark arts, I’m at a loss,” Dr. Elijah shook his head.

Specialties have their limits, and medical skills and dark arts are entirely different realms.

“What should we do then? My grandfather is wasting away, and if this continues, his life is in grave danger,” Isabela choked back tears.

“I know someone who has some expertise in this area, and they might be able to help,” Dr. Elijah suddenly said.

“Oh? Who is it?” Kevin immediately perked up.


“Of course, it’s me!”

Before Dr. Elijah could finish, a loud voice interrupted. Everyone turned to see the elegant figure of Owen Stratford, accompanied by an elderly man in black, walking confidently toward them.

“Greetings, Uncle Kevin, Greetings, Aunt Sophia…”

Owen approached and respectfully bowed to the elder members of the Torby family one by one, displaying good manners.

“Owen Stratford! What are you doing here? We don’t welcome you in the Torby family!” Isabela’s pretty face hardened, clearly displeased.

“I heard that Grandfather has contracted a strange illness, so I’ve specifically sought an expert to come and treat him,” Owen replied with a composed demeanor.

“Hmph! Who asked for your help? Don’t meddle where you’re not wanted!” Isabela intentionally turned her head away.

“Isabela, be polite,” Kevin scolded her and then turned to Owen, saying appreciatively, “Owen, we appreciate your concern, but Grandfather’s illness is beyond the help of regular doctors.”

“Uncle Kevin, the person I’ve invited is not an ordinary doctor but a remarkable individual.”

Owen smiled and gestured towards the elderly man in black beside him, saying, “Let me introduce you. This is Master Hudson, a renowned figure in the martial world. He excels in various mystical arts and can easily handle any complicated and mysterious ailment.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Kevin perked up.

“If you doubt it, Uncle Kevin, why don’t you let Master Hudson demonstrate?” Owen gave a subtle signal.

The man in black quickly understood and took out a paper crane from his pocket, displaying it in front of everyone.

Then, the man in black silently recited an incantation and gently pointed at the paper crane, saying, “Rise!”

As the word left his lips, a magical scene unfolded.

The paper crane in the man in black’s hand came to life, fluttering its wings and flying directly into the air. Like a spiritual bird, it circled and danced gracefully above the heads of the people, making three elegant loops. Finally, it flapped its wings and landed securely in the man in black’s palm.

This display left everyone astounded and speechless.




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