Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371: Paper Crane

“Wow! This is so amazing! Making a paper crane fly like that?”

“Is this the master of mystical arts? Truly impressive!”

The display by the man in black left the Torby family members in awe. They had heard about such things before but had never witnessed them, and they couldn’t believe there were such remarkable individuals in the world.

“What do you think, everyone? Do you believe in Master Hudson’s abilities now?” Owen smiled slightly, a hint of pride on his face.

“Indeed, he is a master. Meeting him today has truly broadened my horizons!” Kevin’s expression brightened, and his eyes took on a different look. If his father was truly cursed, only such extraordinary individuals could help.

“These are just parlor tricks, hardly worth mentioning,” the man in black said in a dismissive tone, adopting a posture of profound sophistication.

“The crane control technique earlier may not be much, but Master Hudson’s true abilities lie ahead. We can look forward to it,” Owen added, trying to smooth things over.

“Very well,” Kevin nodded with a smile.

“Isabela, you don’t need to worry. With Master Hudson here, your grandfather will surely be safe,” Owen said with a friendly smile.


Isabela turned her head in a haughty manner, refusing to respond.

Owen looked somewhat awkward but didn’t say much. His gaze suddenly turned to Dr. Elijah, and he said, “Doctor Elijah, I just heard you mention that you might know another expert in mystical arts. Does the person you know happen to be even more skilled than Master Hudson?”

He had long coveted the Healwell Clinic, but the old man had not shown any willingness to compromise.

“Well…” Elijah hesitated, looking somewhat uncomfortable. “Master Hudson’s mastery of mystical arts is unparalleled, of course.”

“Heh… If you don’t have the ability, don’t embarrass yourself here. Leave Mr. Torby’s strange illness to Master Hudson,” Owen retorted, using a sarcastic tone.

His words carried a double meaning, subtly mocking Elijah’s lack of medical skills and suggesting he should leave. Dr. Elijah’s brows furrowed briefly, but he quickly composed himself, lowered his head, and remained silent. He knew better than to challenge a wealthy and influential young man like Owen.

“Owen, let’s not be too full of ourselves. It’s not yet clear who’s embarrassing themselves,” a dispassionate voice suddenly drifted in.

Everyone turned to see a young man dressed casually, handsome in appearance, strolling over.

It was indeed Dustin.

“Little Miracle Doctor?” Isabela’s face brightened, and she hurried to greet him. “Why are you here?”

“I heard from Doctor Elijah that your grandfather has a strange illness, so I came to take a look,” Dustin smiled.

“Oh… so you’re the expert in mystical arts that Doctor Elijah mentioned?” Isabela quickly realized.

“I can’t really be called an expert. I only know a little about mystical arts,” Dustin replied modestly.

“Hmph! You only know a little, and you dare to show yourself? Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at?” Owen sneered.

He had been nursing a grudge since the incident at the club yesterday, so he had promptly asked Brinkley to invite Master Hudson. But before he could take his revenge, something happened to the Torby family, so he quickly brought Master Hudson to gain some favor.

He didn’t expect to run into Dustin here, and the sight of his enemy made him even more envious.

“It seems like Owen has a lot of grievances. How about we play the same game we played yesterday?” Dustin smiled ambiguously.

“You—” Owen was getting angry.

He wanted to lash out, but he was concerned about his image and had to hold back.

This guy dared to provoke him, it was infuriating!

“Who is this?” Kevin asked with some confusion.

“Dad, he’s Dustin Rhys, a young doctor who saved my life before, and now he’s my good friend,” Isabela explained while intentionally giving a glance at Owen, as if flaunting something.


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