Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373: Get Off Me

“He’s awake! He’s awake! The old master is awake!”

“No wonder he’s called a master of mystic arts. He really lives up to his reputation!”

“One talisman, and it’s done! Incredible!”

As the man in black’s talisman paper fell, Christopher opened his eyes.

Seeing this, the Torby family members couldn’t help but show great joy. So many doctors had been helpless before, but now Master Hudson had easily resolved the issue. It was truly remarkable.

“Haha… How about that? The expert I brought didn’t disappoint you all, did he?” Owen said proudly.

“Master Hudson’s mastery of mystic arts is truly impressive!” Kevin quickly saluted with clasped hands.

“Master, you are truly a divine person!” The Torby family members showed admiration on their faces.

The man in black’s abilities completely reshaped their understanding, and they realized the incredible power of these extraordinary individuals.

“Young man, what do you think? Are you impressed?” The man in black glanced at Dustin contemptuously, his face filled with arrogance.

They were rivals in the same field, and yet a mere youngster dared to compete with him for food; it was truly overestimating his own capabilities.

“Master Hudson, you’d better be careful. I don’t think this situation is as simple as it seems,” Dustin said calmly.

“Humph! You’re truly ignorant!” The man in black sneered. “Do you even know what ‘one talisman, breaking the curse’ means? Do you know what it means to have mastery over a myriad of arts? Do you know—Ah!”

Before he could finish his words, Christopher, who was lying on the bed, suddenly bounced up and pounced on the man in black, biting his ear and tearing it off with his teeth.

The man in black screamed in agony as blood poured from his severed ear, splattering all over the place.

“Ga, ga, ga…”

Christopher grinned grotesquely, chewing on the man in black’s ear, his mouth smeared with blood, resembling a demon.

“Ah! Get off me! Get off me!” The man in black jumped around in panic, trying to shake Christopher off his back.

However, Grandpa Christopher had astonishing strength. He firmly held onto the body of the black-clothed old man with both hands and feet, like an octopus, never letting go.


This sudden turn of events startled everyone.

No one had expected that Grandpa Christopher would suddenly become violent and injure someone, and just like before, he targeted the ears for biting.

Didn’t they say a talisman could break the evil spirit? Didn’t they say that magic could solve everything?

Why wasn’t it working?

While everyone was in shock, Grandpa Christopher suddenly bit the face of the black-clothed old man and tore off a bloody piece of flesh.


The black-clothed old man screamed even louder, losing his air of superiority. He yelled repeatedly, “What are you all standing around for? Hurry! Get this crazy old man off me!”

“Quick! Go help!”

Kevin, now awake as if from a dream, quickly directed people to rescue the black-clothed old man.

However, despite their efforts, they couldn’t pry Grandpa Christopher’s hands apart.


Grandpa Christopher laughed even more maniacally, his eyes filled with a crimson and ferocious glare. He suddenly focused on the black-clothed old man’s neck and then bit down.

“Get back!”

Seeing the situation spiraling out of control, Dustin finally took action.

He quickly moved forward and pointed at Grandpa Christopher’s forehead.

Grandpa Christopher’s body shuddered, his eyes closed, and he fell into a faint.

It wasn’t until this moment that the group managed to loosen Mr. Christopher’s limbs and place him back on the bed.

As for the black-clothed old man, his face was covered in blood, his hair disheveled, and he looked utterly disheveled.


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