Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374: Something Hidden

Compared to his previously mysterious appearance, he was now the complete opposite.

“Doctor! Where’s the doctor? Quickly, stop the bleeding for me!” The black-clothed old man was in a state of panic, shouting loudly and taking the phrase “afraid of death” to the extreme.


As they watched Master Hudson jumping around, Kevin and the group couldn’t help but exchange strange looks, their expressions showing their bewilderment.

Why was the situation a bit different from what they had expected?

Where had the image of the master gone?

“He’s gone mad! This old man has truly gone mad! Biting people on sight, eating flesh and blood – why didn’t you tie him up?!” The black-clothed old man questioned angrily while receiving treatment.

“Master Hudson, I’ve warned you before that my father might exhibit symptoms of attacking people after falling ill,” Kevin explained.

“Attacking people? Is this what you call attacking people? It’s clearly man-eater!” The black-clothed old man couldn’t maintain his composure.

Kevin’s mouth twitched, silently cursing to himself, blaming me when you were the one who acted arrogantly?

“Cough, cough, Master Hudson, you’re injured. How about taking a rest for a while?” Owen said with an embarrassed expression.

They had originally invited him to gain favor with the Torby family and strengthen the relationship between the two families. However, they had ended up in this embarrassing situation, failing to achieve their goals and losing face in the process.

It was truly awkward.

“Hmph! Such bad luck!” The black-clothed old man sat down and began receiving medical treatment.

“Master Hudson, it seems that your ‘Talisman to Break Evil Spirits’ doesn’t work very well,” Dustin said with a half-smile.

“What do you know? Just now was an accident. Let me try again tomorrow; I’m sure it will work!” The black-clothed old man declared confidently.

“I think it’s better to forget about it. If you try again, you might not survive,” Dustin said calmly.

“How dare you look down on me?!” The black-clothed old man became so agitated that he stood up suddenly. However, his movements were too abrupt, causing pain at his wound. He winced and grimaced in pain.

The comical sight made everyone can’t help but hold back their laughter.

What kind of occult master? Just so-so.

“Dustin, stop being so cryptic. Even if Master Hudson made some mistakes, it’s not your place to meddle,” Owen said with a stern face.

“So, does Master Hudson actually treat or not? If not, then let me give it a try,” Dustin said calmly.

“You want to try? Do you have the capability?” Owen sneered.

“Kid! You really don’t know your limits!” The black-clothed old man snorted. “Even I can’t break the witchcraft that dispels my ‘Talisman to Break Evil Spirits.’ Do you think you can? Don’t dream!”

“Whether I can or not, we’ll find out when I try, right?” Dustin smiled.

“Fine! Since you’re so eager to humiliate yourself, I’ll give you a chance. I want to see what you’re capable of!” The black-clothed old man smirked.

If they were going to lose face, they might as well do it together, so it wouldn’t be too embarrassing.

“Young man, do you… have confidence?” Kevin asked cautiously.

Even Master Hudson had failed. Could a young upstart really cure his father’s strange ailment?

“In the current situation, it shouldn’t get any worse, right?” Dustin didn’t give a direct answer.

“Well, then please proceed,” Kevin nodded, not saying much.

Whether it worked or not, they had no other options at this point.

Dustin approached the sickbed and began examining Grandpa Christopher’s body. He explained as he worked, “Ordinary witchcraft would only make a person weak and unconscious. Cases like Grandpa Christopher, where he goes berserk and bites people, are very rare. To achieve this effect, there’s only one possibility: there must be something strange hidden near him that is continuously affecting his body.”

“Hmph! Trying to deceive people with your tricks!” Owen showed disdain.

“Pandering to the crowd!” The black-clothed old man also looked scornful.

“I found it!”

At this moment, Dustin’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he reached under the mattress.


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