Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375: Red Jade Pendant

“Found it?”

Upon hearing this, everyone instantly perked up, their gazes locked onto Dustin’s hand.

Soon, a black silk pouch was retrieved by Dustin from under the mattress.

Opening the pouch, he poured out a red jade pendant from it.

The jade pendant was round, blood-red in color, covered in strange symbols, and looked rather weird.

“What is this? How did it end up under old man’s bed?” The members of the Torby family exchanged puzzled glances, not understanding.

“This item is called Blood-Ink Jade and can be used as a medium in witchcraft,” Dustin held the jade pendant, examining it while explaining, “It is said that the formation of Blood-Ink Jade is related to corpses. When a person has just died, a jade pendant is placed in their mouth, and as they take their final breath and swallow, the jade pendant falls into their throat, entering the bloodstream. After being left undisturbed for a hundred years, the blood, soaked into the jade, forms a direct connection to its core, creating the strange and beautiful Blood-Ink Jade.”

“This treasure is extremely rare and valuable, sought after by many witchcraft practitioners. Blood-Ink Jade not only aids in their cultivation but also enhances the power of their witchcraft spells. Fortunately, we discovered it in time; otherwise, in another three days, Grandpa Christopher would have been beyond help.”

As this revelation came to light, the faces of the Torby family members changed drastically.

No one had expected that under the mattress where old man had been bedridden for years, there would be such a malevolent object.

It was evident that someone had intentionally plotted this!

“Uncle, in order to enter Grandpa Christopher’s room and hide the Blood-Ink Jade under the bed, I believe it must have been someone from within the household,” Dustin hinted meaningfully.

“I understand,” Kevin nodded, already forming suspicions in his mind.

Outsiders wouldn’t have been able to do it, which left only the possibility of an inside job.

This matter had to be thoroughly investigated.

“Hmph! This sounds like fear-mongering. Who knows if what you’re saying is true or false?” Owen raised doubts.

“If Mr. Own doesn’t believe it, how about wearing it for a couple of days and trying it out?” Dustin handed the Blood-Ink Jade over to him.

“What are you doing? Stay away from me!” Owen was startled, quickly backing away to put some distance between them, afraid of touching the object.

“Dustin, we’ll investigate the matter of the Blood-Ink Jade ourselves. The most pressing issue right now is whether you can cure father’s illness or not,” Sophia suddenly spoke, her expression as indifferent as ever.

“Of course, no problem.”

Dustin took out a silver needle and inserted it into old man’s acupoints: Anmian, Yongquan, Xiantang, and Shenmen. With a flick of his finger, the silver needle vibrated, sending strands of profound and pure true energy into old man’s body.

After a moment, old man Christopher’s slightly furrowed brow gradually relaxed. The tense muscles began to loosen, and his pallid face started to regain some color.

Three minutes later, Dustin withdrew the silver needle.

“Is that it?” Sophia furrowed her delicate brows, her skepticism evident.

“It’s almost done,” Dustin nodded and explained, “Witchcraft is essentially a manifestation of alternative energy, you can think of it as a kind of poison. However, this poison doesn’t harm the physical body; it affects a person’s vitality and spirit instead. The strength of one’s spirit can vary greatly. Strong individuals can to a large extent resist the poison of witchcraft, while those who are physically weak are more susceptible to its influence. If I’m not mistaken, Grandpa Christopher’s health hasn’t been great, has it?”


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