Chapter 1376

Chapter 1376: Hospitality

“That’s right! My grandfather frequently falls ill, and each time, he has to stay in bed for quite some time,” Isabela nodded repeatedly.

“So, it provided an opportunity for the caster,” Dustin said with a faint smile. “In fact, curing Grandpa Christopher is not difficult at all. Just dispose of this Blood-Ink Jade, stabilize his spirit, and he’ll be fine. The needles I just used served to calm and stabilize him. Additionally, I’ll prescribe some calming medicine. If he follows the prescription and takes the medicine for ten days to half a month, Grandpa Christopher will become lively and healthy.”

“Really? It’s that simple? Why do I feel like you’re trying to deceive us?” Owen continued to doubt.

“Simple?” Dustin raised an eyebrow. “If we hadn’t discovered this Blood-Ink Jade, Grandpa Christopher’s life would be in jeopardy.”

“We don’t understand what you’re saying. We just hope that father can wake up as soon as possible,” Sophia said.

“Grandpa Christopher has just fallen asleep, and he needs rest. It’s not advisable to disturb him now, lest it worsens his condition,” Dustin explained.

“Hmph! You’ve said enough. Why should we believe you? We want a clear answer now. When will Grandpa Christopher wake up?” Owen continued to confront him.

“He’ll recover quickly. He should wake up tonight at the earliest, and at the latest, by tomorrow,” Dustin replied.

“Good! Then we’ll wait one more day. If Grandpa Christopher doesn’t wake up tomorrow, I’ll accuse you of scheming for personal gain and harming a life!” Owen declared sternly.

“Suit yourself,” Dustin shrugged, not bothering to engage with him.

Just a clown jumping around, not worth the attention.

“Dr. Dustin, you’ve worked hard. Today, you can rest here and enjoy our hospitality as a token of our gratitude,” Kevin smiled and, without waiting for Dustin’s refusal, raised his hand and gave a direct order, “Someone, prepare a guest room for Dr. Dustin, with good food and drinks. Don’t neglect him!”

“Uncle, I won’t refuse then,” Dustin replied with a faint smile.

He naturally understood that Kevin was deliberately keeping him around because of his lack of trust. If Grandpa Christopher woke up tomorrow, everyone would be delighted. If not, it would be a different story.

“Isabela, take Dustin around and familiarize him with the surroundings,” Sophia said.

“No problem!” Isabela smiled sweetly. “Dustin, let’s go. I’ll show you around the garden!”

After saying this, she grabbed Dustin’s hand and started walking out.


Seeing this, Owen immediately blocked their path, wearing a fawning smile. “I have some things I’d like to talk to you about. Can you give me a chance?”

“No!” Isabela’s face hardened. “Get out of the way!”

“Isabela, I just need five minutes, and then I’ll leave,” Owen became somewhat urgent.

“I won’t listen! Get out of my way!”

Isabela forcefully stepped on Owen’s foot. While he winced in pain, she quickly pulled Dustin away.

“Isabela… Isabela!”

Owen gritted his teeth, limping as he chased after them.

“Sophia, do you believe what that kid said?”

After everyone had left, Kevin began speaking in hushed tones with his wife.

“I believe half and doubt half,” Sophia said indifferently. “This young man has an unknown background and mysterious origins. Approaching our Torby family, perhaps he has ulterior motives?”

“Should I have someone investigate him?” Kevin asked.

“Of course, we must investigate,” Sophia’s eyes flashed with a cold light. “If this young man truly has sinister intentions, we won’t let him stay!”


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