Chapter 1377

Chapter 1377: Deep Remorse

The situation with Mr. Christopher had temporarily stabilized. Due to his distrust of Dustin, Kevin had decided to keep him around and had people monitor him closely.

Dustin followed Isabela and explored the streets near the Torby family’s residence. The Torby family had various businesses, including bars, KTVs, hotels, and casinos, all within a ten-mile radius. They were clearly a thriving enterprise.

After having their fun, Isabela took Dustin to a nearby upscale restaurant for dinner. However, just as they sat down, the restaurant’s doors swung open.

Owen, who refused to give up, entered the restaurant carrying a large bouquet of flowers and approached them with a heartfelt look in his eyes.

“Humph! What are you doing here?” Isabela immediately stiffened upon seeing him.

Without any hesitation, Owen knelt down on the floor and said with deep remorse, “Isabela, I’m sorry. I know I was wrong. Please forgive me.”

“What?” Isabela was taken aback by the sudden turn of events. She never expected Owen, who usually cared a lot about his image and was quite domineering, to kneel and apologize publicly. His actions left her feeling bewildered.

“What… what are you doing? Are you crazy? What’s going on?” Isabela moved away from him, feeling both embarrassed and angry.

When Owen knelt down, the attention of all the nearby restaurant patrons was drawn to them, making the situation even more awkward for her.

“Isabela, I’m serious,” Owen remained on his knees, holding the bouquet with both hands. He spoke earnestly, “I know I made a mistake, and I understand that you might find it hard to believe me. But I swear, my feelings for you are genuine! These past few days, I’ve reflected deeply on my actions, and I deeply regret what I did. I hope you can give me another chance, even just one chance, to prove my love for you. Isabela, I love you. I truly, truly love you. I can’t live without you. Please, forgive me.”

The heartfelt words and sincere apology from Owen had moved not only Isabela but also the restaurant patrons. However, Isabela tried to maintain her cold and indifferent facade.

“Humph! Now you realize you were wrong? Where were you all this time? Let me tell you, I will never forgive you, you scoundrel!” Isabela crossed her arms and deliberately displayed a cold demeanor.

However, sitting across the table, Dustin could sense that Isabela’s tone had softened somewhat.

Owen’s public display of humility and the heartfelt confession were indeed compelling. For women, such gestures could be quite effective.

“Isabela! If you don’t forgive me today, then I’ll kneel here forever until I die!” Owen’s expression showed his determination, as if he were willing to do whatever it took.

“If you want to kneel, then kneel. It’s none of my business!” Isabela stood up, ready to leave.

Owen acted swiftly, grabbing Isabela’s leg, pleading desperately, “Isabela… Isabela! I was wrong, I truly realize my mistakes. Please, don’t leave me!”

“What are you doing? Let go!” Isabela was taken aback, trying to pull her leg free, but Owen’s grip was firm.

“Dear girl, they say a prodigal son returns with treasure. This young man has acknowledged his mistakes. Please, forgive him,” an elderly woman nearby chimed in.

“That’s right. Couples argue all the time. No matter what happened, if he has realized his mistake, it’s a good thing.”


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