Chapter 1379

Chapter 1379: Battle Between Men

“Dustin, don’t be impulsive. You can’t beat him!” Isabela hurriedly tried to dissuade him.

Seeing the situation turning unfavorable, Isabela quickly intervened.

Owen had been practicing martial arts since childhood, and he was physically strong, easily handling multiple opponents. In contrast, Dustin was just a doctor, and challenging a martial artist like Owen was undoubtedly suicidal.

“Don’t worry; I haven’t put trash like him in my eyes,” Dustin replied calmly.

Owen was merely an internal martial artist, decent against ordinary people but no match for skilled fighters.

“Kid! You can act arrogant all you want. Soon, you’ll realize just how big the gap is between us,” Owen sneered, taking off his suit jacket to reveal a white shirt underneath. His muscles were well-defined, showcasing his strength.

“Owen! I warn you not to mess around!” Isabela stepped in, attempting to stop the confrontation.

“Isabela, this is a battle between men. Don’t interfere. I’ll prove how much I love you,” Owen said solemnly.

“You… you’re absolutely unreasonable!” Isabela exclaimed.

Although she knew Owen’s behavior was inappropriate, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation. Two men were fighting over her, a unique experience she had never encountered before, and it oddly satisfied her vanity.

“Dustin, don’t accuse me of bullying you. I’ll give you three moves first,” Owen said arrogantly.

“Stop the nonsense and just make your move. I’m in a hurry; the sooner we finish, the sooner I can eat,” Dustin extended his hand, beckoning.

This contemptuous gesture infuriated Owen.

“You’re asking for death!” Owen coldly harrumphed and immediately lunged forward with a powerful punch aimed at Dustin’s face.

This punch was fierce, carrying tremendous force, capable of breaking through solid wood.


Just as Owen’s punch seemed about to land, his face was suddenly slapped hard, causing him to stumble.


Owen was baffled, feeling the burning pain on his face as he reached up to touch it. He couldn’t quite process what had just happened.
What happened?

Why is my face hurting so much?


Before Owen could fully grasp the situation, Dustin delivered another powerful slap to his face. This time, the force was even greater, sending Owen flying and causing him to crash to the ground.


Isabela stood there in shock, her face filled with disbelief. She had initially thought Owen would win, but Dustin turned out to be more formidable, defeating him with just two slaps.

Fast and fierce.

“You… how dare you hit me?”

Owen struggled to get up, shaking his head to clear his dizziness. Once he regained some clarity, he was furious, his eyes burning like they could shoot flames.

“You have the audacity to challenge me with this little skill?” Dustin shook his head.

His words were calm, but to Owen’s ears, they were infuriating, pushing him over the edge.

“You son of a b*tchI’ll f*cking kill you!”

With a fierce expression, Owen pulled out a knife and thrust it aggressively toward Dustin’s chest. If their previous exchange had been a duel, this was now an attempt at murder.

“Seeking death!”

Dustin’s eyes turned cold. He swiftly grabbed Owen’s wrist and, with a crisp sound, snapped it in half.



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