Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380: Clown Looking In The Mirror

In the midst of the chaos, Owen let out a piercing scream. However, his cries were abruptly stifled as Dustin’s iron grip closed around his throat.

Owen’s breath was cut short, his face turning red, and veins bulging on his neck. His futile attempts to kick and struggle were in vain.

The fear of imminent death overwhelmed him.

“Let… let go of me…”

Owen’s voice emerged hoarse as he managed to squeeze out a few words.

“Resorting to a knife when you can’t win? Are you willing to sacrifice your face?”

Dustin’s fingertips exerted more pressure, silencing Owen’s cries.

Owen’s face contorted, his legs flailed helplessly, but it was all futile.

The fear of death was palpable, and his vision started to blur.

“Don’t… hurt him!”

A shrill scream came from behind Dustin, followed by a loud “thud” as a bottle suddenly struck the back of Dustin’s head.

In an instant, glass shards flew and alcohol splashed.


Dustin furrowed his brow slightly and turned to look.

He saw Isabela, holding the broken half of a bottle, staring at him with a panicked expression.

After a moment of confusion, Isabela suddenly realized what she had done. With a cry of “Ah,” she threw away the broken bottle and said with guilt, “Dustin… Dustin, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I was afraid you’d hurt Owen and get yourself into big trouble.”

“Owen is the young master of the Stratford family, with a powerful background. You can’t afford to provoke him. I… I was just concerned about you.”
Isabela’s eyes dodged, and she offered various explanations. But the more she tried to explain, the guiltier she appeared.

After touching the residue of alcohol on the back of his head, Dustin’s brow furrowed even more.

Isabela’s attack with the broken bottle had come so suddenly, without any warning. Moreover, it had targeted the back of his head.

If he were an ordinary person, he might have been lying on the ground by now.

Although her actions were driven by urgency, it was clear that in Isabela’s mind, Dustin’s status was far below that of Owen. She was even willing to sacrifice Dustin to save Owen.

Thinking of this, Dustin suddenly felt a bit foolish.

He regarded Isabela as a friend, willingly lent a helping hand multiple times, and even acted as a shield to help her escape from a scumbag boyfriend.

And the result? Not only did he not receive any gratitude, but he also got hit on the head with a wine bottle by Isabela as payback.

Now, he could be compared to clown looking in the mirror, inside and out.

Well, let’s just chalk it up to a poor choice in friends.

Dustin shook his head in disappointment, and with a loose grip of his hand, he let Owen fall to the ground.

“Owen! Are you okay?”

Isabela rushed forward, her face filled with concern, as she carefully examined his injuries.

She didn’t truly hate Owen; she had simply been angered and jealous. Seeing him injured now, her face displayed nothing but distress.

“Cough, cough…”

Owen coughed and massaged his neck. Once his breathing had returned to normal, he forced a smile. “I’m fine, these minor injuries are nothing. As long as you can forgive me, I’m willing to risk my life for you!”

This was a perfect opportunity to play the martyr, and he wasn’t about to let it slip away.

“You’re such a fool!”

Isabela alternated between joy and moved emotions.

It appeared that Owen had genuinely turned over a new leaf for her, even going so far as to risk his life in a duel for her sake. Such sincere feelings were truly rare.

She decided to forgive him.

After all, who among us is without flaws?

“Hehe… after all this fuss, it turns out that the clown was me all along?”

Watching the two of them, filled with affection for each other, Dustin couldn’t help but smile with self-mockery.

After a series of ups and downs, the once-conflicted Isabela and Owen had chosen to reconcile. However, in his attempt to help, he had unwittingly become the sacrificial scapegoat and the villain of the story.


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