Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382: An Underground Chamber

“What qualifications does a poor loser like him have to compete for a woman with him? He’s really overestimating himself!

Even if he schemed his way to get close to Owen, what does it matter?

He just needs to use a little trick, and he can easily win her over.

That’s the difference between us.

Dustin left the restaurant.

Isabela watched the man’s departing figure, her expression becoming somewhat complicated.

She had always thought that Dustin liked her, which was why he helped her in various ways.

However, she didn’t expect him to leave so freely, without even looking back.

Was it really a deep heartache? Or a tactic to make her want him more?

“Dustin, Dustin, I thought you were a good person, so I wanted to bring you into my circle and help you succeed. But I didn’t expect you to be so ungrateful.”

“Do you know what you’ve missed? You missed a chance to change your life, to have a wonderful life.”

“It’s all your choice, don’t blame me. I’ve given you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it.”

“Well, forget it. We’re just not on the same level. Even if you try to climb up, you can never reach our heights.”

Isabela shook her head, her demeanor gradually becoming cold and arrogant.

If it weren’t for her sense of loyalty and nostalgia, Dustin wouldn’t even qualify as her friend.

At night, in the underground chamber of the Torby family mansion.

A thin, battered man was tied up to a pillar.

His body was covered in bandages, and as the bandages were slowly removed one by one, the places on his body that had been torn open before had now formed black scabs. Some areas had completely healed, leaving only faint marks.

Seeing this scene, Kevin, who was standing nearby, couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. “Hahaha… the Jade Dew Ointment is indeed miraculous. We’ve hit the jackpot this time!”

Since obtaining the formula for Jade Dew Ointment, the Torby family had been secretly assembling a team and working tirelessly day and night to study it.

Finally, this morning, they had successfully produced the Jade Dew Ointment and immediately put it to use.

And the results were surprisingly good.

In just a few short hours, the areas that had been cut by the knife were rapidly healing.

It was truly miraculous!

“I’ve conducted repeated experiments, and this Jade Dew Ointment indeed has no significant side effects. We can start production immediately,” Sophia said with a faint smile. “Moreover, based on my investigation, there is currently no healing medicine on the market that can rival Jade Dew Ointment. I believe that once Jade Dew Ointment is introduced, it will undoubtedly allow the Torby family to establish a new empire!”

“Hahaha… great! Fantastic!” Kevin laughed heartily. “Sophia, you’ve done a great job this time. With just one Dragon Blood Ginseng, we’ve obtained such a miraculous formula. It’s truly amazing!”

“Ange, don’t get too excited too soon; there are still hidden dangers in this matter,” Sophia cautioned.

“Hidden dangers? What do you mean?” Kevin asked, puzzled.

“Don’t forget, the formula for Jade Dew Ointment is not exclusive to us; Dustin also has it,” Sophia narrowed his eyes and said, “Think about it carefully. If Dustin sells the formula to someone else, our advantage will be completely lost.”

“Now that you mention it, it does seem that way,” Kevin frowned slightly.

The Torby family was not particularly strong in the field of medicine. If they couldn’t monopolize the Jade Dew Ointment market, it could easily turn into a wasted effort.

“Kevin, this matter must be addressed at its root. The formula for Jade Dew Ointment must belong exclusively to the Torby family!” Sophia’s tone became serious.

“How do you intend to do that?” Kevin asked cautiously.

“It’s simple – eliminate anyone who knows the secret,” Sophia replied bluntly.


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