Chapter 1383

Chapter 1383: Eight Dishes Breakfast

The next morning, in a guest room at the Torby family residence, Dustin was sitting cross-legged, meditating.

“Knock, knock, knock…”

At that moment, there was a sudden knocking at the door.

“Who is it?” Dustin slowly opened his eyes.

“Dr. Dustin, it’s Scott. I’ve come to bring you breakfast,” a somewhat familiar voice sounded from outside the door.

“Ah, okay.”

Dustin got up and opened the door.

Standing outside was a boy of about fifteen or sixteen, looking thin and frail, holding an exquisite meal box in his hand.

The boy, known as Scott, was a servant in the Torby family. He had grown up without parents and lived a difficult life.

Since Dustin had checked into the Torby family’s residence yesterday, Scott had been taking care of him meticulously, serving tea, pouring water, and showing great care and responsibility.

He was a cautious and hardworking individual, despite his difficult circumstances.

“You’ve worked hard,” Dustin said, motioning for Scott to enter.

“It’s not hard at all, it’s what I should do,” Scott replied humbly. After bowing in respect, he carefully placed the meal box on the table and began to open it layer by layer.

“Mr. Dustin, there are eight dishes for breakfast today.”

As Scott began to serve the dishes, he introduced each one.

“The first dish is Kung Pao shrimp.”

“The second dish is braised oxtail.”

“The third dish is vinegar-glazed wood ear mushrooms.”

“The fourth dish is scallion-braised sea cucumber.”

“The fifth dish is crispy chicken king.”

“The sixth dish is crispy meatballs.”

“The seventh dish is shredded tripe with cilantro.”

“The eighth dish is braised blackfish roe soup.”

“All the dishes are served. Please enjoy your meal.”

After serving the dishes and preparing the utensils, Scott lowered his head and quietly retreated to the side.

“Why such a lavish breakfast so early in the morning? Some soy milk and fried dough sticks would have been enough,” Dustin said with a faint smile.

“Dr. Dustin, you are an honored guest of our Torby family. The master specifically ordered that you must be well taken care of,” Scott replied.

“Oh, by the way, how is Mr. Christopher’s condition? Has he woken up?” Dustin suddenly asked.

“This morning, Master Christopher regained consciousness once. His mental state has returned to normal. Thanks to Dr. Dustin’s miraculous healing, he’s much better now. The entire Torby family is immensely grateful,” Scott bowed deeply.

“That’s good to hear.”

Dustin nodded and looked at the table full of dishes, seeming a bit unsure where to start. “Scott, have you eaten?”

“Not yet,” Scott shook his head.

“Then let’s eat together. After all, I can’t finish all of this by myself,” Dustin extended an invitation.

“No, no, no… that won’t do!” Scott shook his hands repeatedly, feeling somewhat anxious. “These dishes were specially prepared for Dr. Dustin. How can a lowly servant like me have the privilege to partake?”

“You don’t need to be so reserved in front of me. Sit down and eat,” Dustin smiled.

“Dr. Dustin, this isn’t proper. If someone were to see, I’d be punished,” Scott replied, lowering his head.

“Nobody will know if we don’t say anything,” Dustin said indifferently.

“I’m just a servant with a lowly status. How can I dine with you?” Scott hesitated.

“What’s the matter? It’s just a meal. Don’t be so disrespectful,” Dustin sounded a bit displeased.

“No… it’s not…”

“Don’t waste words. Sit down!”

Dustin’s expression turned stern, and his tone became authoritative.

Scott was frightened and trembling but dared not defy him. He reluctantly took a seat.

“That’s more like it.”


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