Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384: Beheaded

Dustin once again displayed a smile and said, “Come on, eat, don’t be shy.”

Scott, still apprehensive, held his bowl and chopsticks but remained motionless, keeping his head down.

“You’re so thin, and this is the time to grow. You should eat more,” Dustin picked up a piece of sea cucumber and placed it in Scott’s bowl.

“Th-thank you, Dr. Dustin,” Scott managed a forced smile but appeared nervous.

“Why aren’t you eating? Is it not to your liking? Come, try the shrimp and the oxtail,” Dustin said, picking up two dishes and offering them to Scott.
He looked like a caring father.

“That’s enough, Dr. Dustin, please eat,” Scott said, still trembling, and his hands shaking as he held the bowl.

“I’m not hungry. You go ahead,” Dustin smiled.

“I’m… I’m not hungry either,” Scott’s face twitched.

“It’s okay if you’re not hungry. Just taste the flavors. Go ahead.”

Dustin nodded and, noticing that Scott was hesitating, suddenly said, “Why? Don’t tell me you suspect I poisoned the food?”

“Ah?” Scott’s face stiffened, and he forced a smile, sweating on his forehead. “H-how could that be? Dr. Dustin, don’t joke like that.”

“Since that’s the case, why aren’t you eating?” Dustin maintained his smile.

“I’ll eat… I’ll eat…”

Scott swallowed nervously, finally picking up a piece of sea cucumber and putting it in his mouth. He started chewing slowly, all the while looking at Dustin, trying to please him. “Dr. Dustin, you should eat too. The taste is really good.”

Dustin put down his chopsticks and remained silent, just watching Scott.

“Dr. Dustin, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you eating? This is a delicious meal specially prepared for you by the kitchen!”

Scott’s face displayed an awkward smile, and he continued to urge Dustin to eat.

Seeing that Dustin wasn’t responding, Scott’s tone gradually became frantic, and a hint of ferocity appeared on his face. “Dr. Dustin! Eat! Why aren’t you eating yet?! I’ve already eaten! Why won’t you eat?!”

“Scott, I admire your loyalty. You’re willing to risk your own life to achieve your goals. But unfortunately, you’ve miscalculated,” Dustin’s smile slowly faded from his face.

“You… What do you mean?” Scott suddenly felt uneasy.

“Hellebore, Aconite, and then combined with Thunder Vine – three poisonous herbs mixed together. You guys, you’re trying to kill me,” Dustin narrowed his eyes slightly.

In fact, he had sensed something unusual since Scott entered the room, but it hadn’t manifested until now.

He had let Scott eat first purely as a test.

He didn’t expect the other party to endure this much, willing to risk their life just to harm someone. Truly ruthless!

“No! Impossible! How did you know it’s poisoned?” Scott finally panicked.

At this moment, black blood was already flowing from his nostrils.

His entire face had turned a purplish-blue hue.

“Don’t forget, I’m a doctor, and not just an ordinary one,” Dustin explained.

“You can go to hell!”

Scott’s face turned fierce, suddenly pulling out a knife and stabbing it fiercely into Dustin’s chest.

The blade gleamed with a dark hue, clearly coated with poison.

“Running out of options, resorting to a dagger?” Dustin grabbed Scott’s arm, gently twisted it, and broke it directly before kicking him in the abdomen.

Scott screamed in pain, flying several meters away and crashing heavily into the wall, coughing up blood uncontrollably.

“Tell me, who sent you? As long as you confess honestly, I can neutralize the poison in your body,” Dustin said indifferently.


Scott coughed up more black blood, the excruciating pain from the poison causing his body to tremble and his face to contort.

He opened his mouth, about to say something when suddenly a figure rushed in – it was Butler Benjamin.

“Bold thief! How dare you attempt to assassinate Doctor Dustin? You’re truly seeking death!”

Butler Benjamin shouted sternly, then suddenly drew his sword and beheaded Scott.


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