Chapter 1386

Chapter 1386: Return It

“Mr. Kevin, I heard that your father has awakened, is that correct?” Dustin spoke again.

Unintentionally, his address had changed.

“Yes, Father is indeed awake, but he’s still a bit weak and somewhat disoriented. I think he’ll need some time to recuperate,” Kevin replied.

“Don’t worry, those are just some aftereffects; he’ll recover soon.”

Dustin continued, shifting the conversation, “Mr. Kevin, can we get back to some business? You previously promised me the Golden Marrow Jade and the Ice Heart Lotus. When can you fulfill that promise?”

“Well…” Kevin glanced at those around him, hesitating.

Sophia picked up the conversation, saying calmly, “Doctor Dustin, our Torby family will naturally honor the agreement, but not at this moment because we are very busy, and we cannot serve just one person.”

“Madam Sophia, I recall that you didn’t say that when we made the deal earlier,” Dustin shook his head.

“The best spirit medicines are not readily available. It’s not a matter of just having them. Be patient, and when we have news, we will certainly inform you,” Sophia said expressionlessly.

“Wait? I’m afraid if I keep waiting, I won’t have a life left,” Dustin chuckled sarcastically.

Through their recent conversation, he had deduced that the Torby family had murderous intentions, most likely due to the formula for the Jade Dew Ointment. Treasures like that were enough for the Torby family to eliminate someone.

“If you can’t wait, we can’t help it,” Sophia replied indifferently.

“Very well, it seems that I can’t rely on the Torby family. In that case, let’s part ways for now,” Dustin said and turned to walk toward the door.


Sophia suddenly shouted.

“Madam Sophia, is there something else?” Dustin stopped and turned back, his expression cold.

If the Torby family intended to confront him openly, he wouldn’t mind causing a scene right there.

“Dr. Dustin, my father needs nourishment urgently due to his weak condition. The Dragon Blood Ginseng we sent you earlier is the best nourishment. I hope you can return it,” Sophia said firmly.

“Return it?”

Dustin was momentarily stunned but then chuckled, “Madam Sophia, are you joking with me? The Dragon Blood Ginseng was obtained through a trade using my formula. Why should I return it?”

“I can buy it with money. Name your price,” Sophia said calmly.

“I’m not short of money,” Dustin shook his head.

“You won’t sell it, huh? Fine, then our deal is terminated,” Sophia said, taking out a piece of paper with a formula on it and slamming it on the table. She said coldly, “This is the Jade Dew Ointment formula you wrote. I’m returning it to you now. I don’t want to trade with you anymore. Give me the Dragon Blood Ginseng!”

“Madam Sophia, are you treating me like a three-year-old child?” Dustin squinted slightly. “You’ve already seen the formula, and who knows how many copies you’ve made. Returning it to me now, does it even make sense?”

This woman was shameless to the extreme.

Not finding the Ice Heart Lotus and the Golden Marrow Jade was one thing, but now she wanted the Dragon Blood Ginseng back. It was like trying to steal the sheep and pull the wool as well!

“Our deal was a formula in exchange for spirit medicines. Now I don’t want the formula anymore. You should return the spirit medicine to me; it’s only fair,” Sophia said firmly.

“Hehe… What’s the matter? Is the prestigious Torby family resorting to breaking their promises?” Dustin laughed, but his eyes were icy.

“Stop the nonsense. Hand over the Dragon Blood Ginseng and leave with your formula. This way, we can part ways peacefully. Otherwise, don’t blame me for turning hostile!” Sophia said sternly.

As she spoke, two martial experts behind her stepped forward, blocking Dustin’s retreat—one in front and one behind. Their eyes were fixed on him, vigilant.


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