Chapter 1388

Chapter 1388: Get Help

“Call for help immediately! I’m on my way!”

After hanging up the phone, Dustin slammed the accelerator and rushed to Healwell Clinic at the fastest speed possible.

On the way, he paid little attention to traffic rules, running red lights and speeding.

What was originally a twenty-minute drive ended up taking less than ten minutes to reach the scene.

When Dustin arrived, the fire department had not yet arrived.

Healwell Clinic was already engulfed in raging flames, the entire ground floor had been destroyed, and the fierce fire had spread to the second floor.

Although many neighbors were carrying buckets of water and trying to help, their efforts were futile and made little difference.

At this rate, in less than five minutes, the fire would devour the third floor.

“Quick! Get someone to help!”

Dr. Elijah held a fire extinguisher and shouted hoarsely while spraying it continuously. His clothes were tattered, his whole body covered in soot, and many parts of his skin were already burnt. He looked extremely disheveled.

“Dr. Elijah! How is Uncle Lorenzo? Was he rescued?”

Dustin hurriedly ran up and asked.

“Master Lorenzo is still inside. The fire has already started, and although we’ve been trying our best to save him, the fire is too intense. We can’t put it out. What should we do?”

Elijah looked anxious and distraught. He had run out of extinguishing agent in his fire extinguisher and felt helpless.

“I’m going to rescue him!”

Without hesitation, Dustin took a deep breath and rushed straight into the blazing inferno.

“Dustin! Are you crazy? Come out! You’ll die like this!”

Elijah was startled and shouted in panic, but he saw Dustin being consumed by the flames, and he sighed deeply, “It’s over, it’s all over now!”

“Damn! Did someone just go in? Who’s that fearless? So brave!”

“Are you sure you saw it right? Who would dare to rush into such a big fire? Isn’t that seeking death?”

“I saw it too. There was indeed a person who went in. It’s unbelievable!”

Dustin’s fearless act left many of the would-be firefighters in shock, and for a moment, they forgot to throw water.

Soon, the fire grew more and more intense.

The second floor was completely engulfed, and the flames had spread to the third floor.

The scorching heat forced the nearby firefighters to step back.

Everyone knew that Healwell Clinic was utterly lost.

This fire had burned down the best medical clinic in the southern city district.

“Woo~ woo~ woo~!”

At this moment, two fire trucks finally arrived, albeit belatedly.

As the firefighters got out of their vehicles, Elijah saw them as if they were his saviors. He staggered over and pleaded, “Hurry! There are still two people inside. Please save them!”

“More people inside?”

As they looked at Healwell Clinic, which was being devoured by flames, the group of firefighters chose silence.

With such an intense fire, the people inside were most likely beyond saving.

Now, they could only try to minimize the losses.

“Why aren’t you going into the fire? There are people inside! Please save them!” Elijah was anxiously imploring.

“Sir, we will do our best to rescue them, but you need to be prepared mentally. With a fire of this magnitude, if there are still people inside, it’s likely too late to save them,” one firefighter regretfully explained.

As he finished speaking, there was a sudden “bang,” and the window on the third floor was suddenly smashed open.

Following that, a figure covered in flames, holding a soaking wet blanket, leaped from the third floor.

That brave figure descended like a god, shaking the heavens and the earth.


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