Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389: Criminal Act


Amid the rapt attention of onlookers, Dustin, engulfed in flames, leaped high into the air and then landed with a resounding thud.

His feet left several cracks in the ground.


A gust of wind swept by, and the flames on Dustin’s body instantly vanished, replaced by billowing white mist rising from the surface of his skin.

It had an aura of mystery and a touch of ethereal beauty.


Seeing this scene, the entire crowd was left dumbfounded.

Even the seasoned firefighters were left speechless.

No one had expected that, faced with a raging fire, someone would actually emerge alive, and from the third floor, no less, without a scratch.

This display of courage, fearlessness, and even madness was truly shocking.

“Am I seeing things? The person who just went in actually came out alive?”

“Not only did he survive, but he also saved someone.”

“Oh my goodness! Who on earth is this guy? He can’t even be burned by fire. It’s unbelievable!”

After a brief moment of silence, the entire scene erupted in astonishment.

Everyone looked at Dustin as if he were some kind of a marvel.

“Dustin? Y-y-you… you’re okay?” Dr. Elijah was bewildered, finding it hard to believe.

“Lucky. I managed to escape in time before the fire engulfed me.”

Dustin spoke as he gently placed a wet blanket on the ground.

The blanket had been soaked in water, emitting white steam, but it had not caught fire.

Upon opening the blanket, they saw the emaciated figure of Mr. Lorenzo lying quietly inside.

Though his breathing was weak, he was thankfully unharmed.

“That’s great, that’s great! Master Lorenzo is safe!”

Elijah was overwhelmed with joy, shedding tears of relief.

Just a moment ago, he had thought that Lorenzo was beyond rescue, but Dustin had shown incredible bravery by rushing into the fire and rescuing him from the brink of death.

Dustin examined Lorenzo’s condition, then placed him in the car and turned to look at Elijah, asking, “Dr. Elijah, how did Healwell Clinic, which was perfectly fine, suddenly catch fire?”

“I don’t know either. I just went out for a little while, and the fire started.” Elijah shook his head.

Every morning, just as the day was breaking, he would take a stroll in the nearby park to stretch his muscles and bones, but he usually didn’t spend more than half an hour.

Over the years, he had never made a mistake, but he couldn’t believe that when he returned this morning, Healwell Clinic was on fire.

“When does Healwell Clinic usually open its doors?” Dustin asked again.

“At eight o’clock every day,” Elijah replied.

“It’s not even eight o’clock yet, so you mean Healwell Clinic caught fire before it even opened.”

Dustin furrowed his brow slightly and continued, “Dr. Elijah, during the time you were out, was there anyone else inside Healwell Clinic?”

“No,” Elijah shook his head. “Roselyn went out with some friends last night and hasn’t come home yet. Besides, it’s still early, and my disciples and apprentices haven’t arrived.”

“Dr. Elijah, I don’t think this fire was accidental,” Dustin said after a brief contemplation. “Healwell Clinic wasn’t open for business yet, and the pharmacy wasn’t even operational, so the chances of an accidental fire are very slim. Moreover, the fact that it caught fire right after you left seems too coincidental. It appears to be a case of criminal act.”

“What? Criminal act?!”

Upon hearing this, Elijah immediately furrowed his brow and his face filled with anger. “I’ve spent my whole life doing good deeds and accumulating virtue. I’ve never done anything immoral. Who could be so heartless as to set my Healwell Clinic on fire?”

He had practiced medicine for decades, always adhering to the principles of healing and saving lives.


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