Chapter 1390

Chapter 1390: Truly Despicable

On ordinary days, Dr. Elijah treated poor patients without taking a single penny. He believed he was true to his conscience, and he felt that he had done right by all the patients who came to Healwell Clinic. He never expected that, despite his good deeds and kindness, he would end up in such a dire situation.

Half a lifetime of effort and dedication had been reduced to ashes in an instant, leaving him somewhat disheartened.

“Dr. Elijah, although I can’t be completely certain, I have a suspect,” Dustin suddenly spoke.

“Who is it? Who could be so malicious?” Elijah asked, his anger evident.

“The Stratford family,” Dustin uttered the two words coldly.

“The Stratford family?” Elijah was momentarily taken aback, his face showing a contemplative expression.

Although there was no concrete evidence, Dustin’s words were not baseless. The Stratford family had resorted to all kinds of threats and inducements in their pursuit of taking over Healwell Clinic. The thug, Lenny, who had caused trouble a few days ago, had been sent by the Stratford family.

If anyone had the greatest suspicion of setting the fire, it was undoubtedly the Stratford family.

“They couldn’t obtain it, so they destroyed it. The Stratford family is truly despicable!” Elijah was trembling with anger.

How could he not be furious when decades of hard work were destroyed in a single day?

“Beep, beep!”

At that moment, a white Maserati suddenly pulled over by the side of the road.

Subsequently, the passenger-side door opened, and Sebastian Stratford stepped out first. He respectfully opened the rear door and escorted Owen and Isabela out.

At this time, the firefighters were still using water hoses to extinguish the fire. Black smoke billowed around, and dust filled the air.

Owen ostentatiously opened an umbrella and stepped out, shielding Isabela from the newly risen sun.

“Oh! What’s going on here? Why is it on fire?” Owen covered his nose and mouth with a handkerchief, deliberately wearing a surprised expression. Then, with a tone filled with sarcasm, he said, “Dr. Elijah, oh Dr. Elijah, you’re really not careful at all, are you? Look, the most famous clinic in South City has been ruined. What a pity!”

Elijah clenched his teeth and wanted to lash out, but he saw several bodyguards standing behind Owen and restrained himself. The Stratford family was a powerful and influential family in the South City area, and even if they were truly responsible for the criminal act, there was little he could do. First, there was no concrete evidence, and second, he couldn’t contend with them.

“Dr. Elijah, you’re getting up there in years. It’s time for you to retire and enjoy your old age. What’s the point of guarding Healwell Clinic all day? If you ask me, burning it down might be a good thing. That way, you can live a carefree life,” Owen said with a mocking tone.

“So, Healwell Clinic was really set on fire by you?” Dustin interjected suddenly.

“Huh? Be careful what you say; you can eat a careless meal, but you can’t speak carelessly. Without evidence, you’d better not spread baseless accusations, or I might sue you for defamation,” Owen retorted with a smirk.

“Dustin, we meet again,” Isabela stepped forward, her gaze somewhat complicated. “Thank you for curing my grandfather. Our Torby family owes you a favor.”

“I can’t accept any favors from your Torby family,” Dustin replied impassively.

“Hmm?” Isabela furrowed her brow slightly but quickly regained her composure. She took out a check and wrote a few lines on it. Then, she handed it to Dustin, saying, “This is a two million check as a token of our gratitude.”

“Two million?” Dustin accepted the check and glanced at it indifferently. “Miss Isabela, you are quite generous, living up to the reputation of a wealthy family’s heiress. Unfortunately, your money doesn’t interest me.”

With a flick of his hand, he sent the check soaring into the air, landing precisely within the fire. It was instantly reduced to ashes.


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