Chapter 1392

Chapter 1392: Offer 30 Million

“Dr. Elijah, selling Healwell Clinic is your best option,” Isabela advised gently. “And apart from us, no one else will buy it.”

The entire South City District was under the rule of the Torby and Stratford families. Without their approval, who would dare to take over Healwell Clinic?

“I won’t sell! I won’t sell even if I die! You will never take my Healwell Clinic away from me!” Mr. Elijah shouted in frustration.

He had dedicated half of his life and poured countless efforts into building Healwell Clinic. How could he bear to sell it at a low price, especially to these ambitious individuals?

Furthermore, he could already predict that if Healwell Clinic fell into their hands, it would become a money-making machine, completely tarnishing its reputation.

“Not selling?” Owen sneered. “Dr. Elijah, you better think carefully before you answer. Refusing us is not a wise choice.”

“I’ve lived long enough, my life is a mess, and I’m not afraid of you!” Mr. Elijah yelled with red eyes.

“Dr. Elijah, I admire your integrity and fearlessness, but shouldn’t you also consider your family and descendants?” Owen grinned.

With these words, Mr. Elijah felt as though he had been struck by lightning, sitting down helplessly.

Indeed, he was fearless when it came to powerful people, but what about his family? What about his granddaughter, a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her? If something unexpected were to happen…

“Dr. Elijah, I remember you have a beautiful granddaughter, right?” Owen continued with a sinister smile. “So young and with a bright future ahead. It would be such a pity if something were to happen to her.”

With a thud, Mr. Elijah’s legs gave way, and he collapsed, his face ashen. He was desperate.

He knew he couldn’t compete with Owen. Even if he had stubbornness and backbone, it meant nothing in front of these wealthy and powerful individuals. Moreover, provoking them could even lead to dire consequences. This was the harsh reality.

No matter how he struggled, it was all in vain. In the end, he had to compromise.

He couldn’t hold on to Healwell Clinic any longer.

“Oh my, Dr. Elijah! Why did you fall down? Quick, get up!” Owen hypocritically rushed forward, helping Mr. Elijah to his feet. He patted the dust off him and smiled. “I was just kidding with you. Why are you so nervous? Look at you, all covered in sweat. Was it necessary?”

Mr. Elijah clenched his fists, and a flash of resentment crossed his eyes. However, in the end, he sighed deeply in resignation. He loosened the tight grip of his fists.

“Dr. Elijah, have you considered it? Will you sell or not?” Isabela adopted a sincere demeanor. “You have to understand, I’m trying to help you.”
She played the good cop, while Owen played the bad cop, working in harmony to manipulate Mr. Elijah.

“I’ll sell…” Mr. Elijah reluctantly uttered the words of surrender.

“Hehe, that’s more like it,” Owen chuckled, appearing as if Mr. Elijah had made the right choice.

“Very well, here’s the transfer contract. Sign it and put your thumbprint on it, and you’ll receive a sum of 20 million, enough for your family to live comfortably,” Isabela said as if she had expected this outcome. She pulled out a contract from her bag and handed it to Mr. Elijah.

Mr. Elijah accepted the contract, and his hand holding the pen trembled slightly. Two tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes. In the end, he couldn’t resist the overwhelming power.

He sighed deeply and was about to sign the contract when a hand suddenly blocked the pen.

A calm voice sounded in his ear, “Dr. Elijah, I’ll take Healwell Clinic. I’ll offer 30 million!”


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