Chapter 1393

Chapter 1393: A tool for capitalist

“30 million?”

When these words were spoken, everyone was taken aback.

Looking up, they found that the speaker was none other than Dustin.

“Kid, what did you just say?” Owen tilted his head, feeling like he might have misheard.

Isabela frowned slightly, showing clear displeasure.

“Dr. Elijah, I’m willing to offer 30 million to purchase Healwell Clinic,” Dustin said seriously. “And I can guarantee that Healwell Clinic will be rebuilt exactly as it was. You will still be the Chief Resident Physician, in charge of all affairs in the clinic.”

Upon hearing this, Dr. Elijah was completely stunned.

He understood exactly what Dustin’s words meant.

Rebuilding the old clinic and maintaining his position in it meant that he could continue to manage Healwell Clinic and perform acts of kindness without worrying about profits.

In contrast to protecting the reputation of Healwell Clinic and preserving his spiritual support, this sum of money was trivial.

“Young… young Dustin, are you… serious?” Dr. Elijah was unsure.

“Of course,” Dustin nodded. “Healwell Clinic is dedicated to helping others, benefiting society. As a physician, I can’t stand by and watch it become a tool for capitalists to profit. So, I intend to keep it. It depends on whether Dr. Elijah is willing to sell.”

“Sell, I’m willing to sell, but…” Dr. Elijah hesitated and looked towards Owen and the others.

He didn’t care about the money; he could even give Healwell Clinic to Dustin for free because he saw him as his successor. However, the problem was that Healwell Clinic had already attracted the attention of the Stratford and Torby families. If he sold it to Dustin, he would be going against the Stratford and Torby families, effectively harming them.

“You brats! Are you putting on an act here?”

“Look at the rags you’re wearing, no different from a beggar! With your kind, even if you sold everything, you wouldn’t scrape together 30 million. Who do you think you are to buy Healwell Clinic? Are you qualified?” Owen sneered.

In his eyes, the two of them were clearly acting.

Dr. Elijah was either making Dustin appear to be competing for the clinic or trying to inflate prices.

He had seen these low-quality tactics many times before.

“Never mind whether I’m qualified or not. What if I can come up with 30 million?” Dustin challenged with his gaze.

“Heh… if you can come up with the money, I’ll gladly hand over Healwell Clinic, no strings attached. But do you have that much money?” Owen coldly smirked, looking disdainful. “The problem is, do you have that much money? How about selling your kidneys? I’ll give you a million for each kidney, how’s that?”

With these words, Sebastian and the others burst into laughter, cooperating well to mock Dustin.

Their eyes looked at Dustin as if he were a clown.

“Dustin, stop trying to win the crowd over. Healwell Clinic is already destroyed. Hand it over to us for a proper transition. You have no money, no ability. It’s best not to challenge us,” Isabela said coldly, her eyes showing increased disdain.

“Just trying to win the crowd?” Dustin chuckled.


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