Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394: Emperor Card

Dustin shook his head, chuckled, and didn’t explain. Instead, he took out a red bank card from his pocket.

The front of the red card displayed a golden dragon, looking majestic and imposing. The back of the red card bore two golden words: “Emperor.”

“This is the Emperor Card from Dragon Soar Bank, and only individuals with assets exceeding 10 billion are eligible to possess it.”

“Furthermore, with just this card, I can withdraw 50 million in cash from any bank in Dragonmarsh Country.”

“So, do you think I can’t afford to buy Healwell Clinic? Can’t come up with 30 million?”

Dustin displayed the red card clearly, his face filled with sarcasm.

“What? The Emperor Card from Dragon Soar Bank?!”

Seeing this scene, everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Dragon Soar Bank was the largest bank in Dragonmarsh Country, backed by the national treasury. It had several levels of membership for its clients, ranging from regular customers, gold card customers, platinum customers, black gold customers, diamond customers, to the highest level, the Emperor customers.

To become an Emperor customer, there were two minimum criteria: personal assets must start at 10 billion, and the person must be a figure of significant social influence, such as the head of a major wealthy family, a renowned philanthropist, or a national luminary.

To put it bluntly, those who could become Emperor customers of Dragon Soar Bank numbered less than fifty in the entire Dragonmarsh Country. These cards were all held by major powerhouses and were only used when absolutely necessary.

“How did you… How can you have the Emperor Card from Dragon Soar Bank?” Owen, who was a scion of a wealthy family, couldn’t stay composed any longer. Even he had only managed to obtain a Black Gold Card, which was several tiers lower than Dustin’s Emperor Card.

He couldn’t understand how a seemingly destitute individual like Dustin could possess such a prestigious item.

“Don’t worry about how I got it. I just want to know if I can come up with 30 million or not,” Dustin said calmly.

Owen’s mouth twitched, and he found himself momentarily speechless.

People who possessed the Dragon Soar Bank Emperor Card could easily withdraw even three billion, let alone a mere thirty million.

“No… this can’t be!” Isabela suddenly exclaimed. “Given your status, how could you possibly have the Dragon Soar Bank Emperor Card? In my opinion, this card must be fake!”

Hearing her words, everyone had an epiphany. Indeed, the Dragon Soar Bank Emperor Card was incredibly prestigious. Even the scions of wealthy families couldn’t obtain it, so how could an unknown nobody like Dustin have managed to acquire a genuine one?

“Exactly, surname Rhys! I nearly fell for your trick!” Owen couldn’t help but snort. “I said it earlier, how could a pauper like you possibly possess an Emperor Card? It turns out you forged a fake card just to gain some attention. You really have no shame!”

“Please, open your eyes and look carefully. The patterns, the steel engravings, and the anti-counterfeiting marks on this card are all clearly legitimate. How can it be fake?” Dustin retorted.

“Humph! With today’s technology, forging a card is child’s play. Your Emperor Card might look real, but I can spot the flaws with a single glance. It’s a counterfeit! You’re really something, Dustin, I never expected you to be this kind of person. You have no skills, yet you like to engage in these fraudulent activities to deceive people. Do you know that forging the Dragon Soar Bank Emperor Card is a serious crime, and what you’re doing now, cheating people, compounds your guilt? Once the relevant authorities find out, you’ll spend a lifetime in prison!” Isabela declared confidently.


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