Chapter 1401

Chapter 1401: Five Major City

After returning to the villa, Dustin held his phone, feeling somewhat hesitant.

Not long ago, when discussing cooperation with Hazel, he suddenly thought of Natasha. Longing surged within him like a tidal wave, becoming uncontrollable.

Her image occupied his mind, and he couldn’t shake it off no matter what.

According to Maximus, Natasha had already come to Stonia to pursue her career under her own grandfather’s Duke.

A simple phone call, and the two of them could meet quickly.

But he had some concerns.

Stonia was not like the southern provinces; it was full of hidden dangers and crises.

Moreover, the task he had to undertake was extremely perilous, and he didn’t want to involve Natasha.

“Or maybe I’ll just meet her? Exchange greetings?” Dustin muttered to himself.

After pacing on the balcony for a moment, he took a deep breath and couldn’t help but dial a certain number.

The phone rang for about five seconds before it was finally answered, and a familiar voice quickly came through.

“Hmph! You scoundrel, you finally have the heart to call me?”

“Come clean, where have you been these days? Have you found another little fox spirit?”

“I’ve been worrying about you all this time, and what do you do? You disappear without a word, leaving me all alone and miserable. Doesn’t your conscience ache?”

As soon as Natasha opened her mouth, she fired off questions like a rapid-fire cannon, leaving Dustin dumbfounded.

The carefully organized opening speech was immediately blocked.

He was speechless for a moment.

“Hey! Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you feeling guilty?”

Natasha finally paused.

“It seems like you didn’t give me a chance to speak just now,” Dustin said with a wry smile.

“Oh, you find me annoying, don’t you? You think I’m too talkative, right? Well, you unfaithful man, it’s only been a few days since we last met, and you’re already getting tired of me.”

Natasha’s tone was filled with resentment.

“Alright, alright, it’s all my fault. I apologize sincerely to you and hope that you, as the bigger person, can forgive me this time,” Dustin promptly admitted defeat.

“Hmph! Since you’re apologizing so sincerely, I’ll forgive you this time, but don’t let it become a habit,” Natasha said with a hint of a smile from the other end of the phone.

Actually, in these past few days, she had thought about calling Dustin several times to inquire about his situation. But she was afraid of disturbing him, so she had been holding back.

Now that he had reached out to her, her anxious heart finally relaxed.

“Natasha, I heard you’ve settled in Stonia. How’s the development of your new company?” Dustin inquired.

“Of course, it’s been smooth sailing,” Natasha replied with a smile. “Our United Group has already started to take shape and is growing rapidly. I believe that within half a year, we’ll have a significant presence in Stonia!”

With her grandfather’s support, she faced no difficulties.

“That’s great,” Dustin smiled and asked, “By the way, Natasha, do you have time tonight? I’d like to invite you for dinner.”

“It’s a coincidence; we have a celebration dinner at the company tonight. Just come over, and afterward, I’ll take you around,” Natasha suggested.
“Alright, see you tonight.”

After chatting for a while, Dustin hung up the phone feeling satisfied.

Then, he seemed to remember something, walked back to his bedroom, and started rummaging through his things. Finally, he found a set of branded suits.

It was a gift from Natasha, and he had never worn it before. He had always kept it well-preserved. Now, he could finally show it off.

Honestly, he had never cared much about his attire before, wearing everyday clothing that cost just a few bucks.

But this time, to meet Natasha, he needed to clean up nicely and not embarrass her.

At dusk, Dustin drove and followed the navigation directions, heading towards the central city.

Stonia was divided into five major districts: East, West, South, North, and Central.

Each district was quite extensive, equivalent to a medium-sized city. So, each district was referred to as a “city.”

The East district was called East City, the West district was West City, the South district was South City, and the North district was North City.

The most core area protected by the four major districts was the central city, also known as the inner city.


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