Chapter 1402

Chapter 1402: Montage Sky

Inside the central city, there was a place representing supreme power—the Forbidden City.

It was a holy place sought after by countless ambitious individuals.

It was also where Dustin aimed to seek the truth and justice.

However, not now.

The inner city was congested, and it happened to be rush hour as people were getting off work.

Although Dustin had left an hour early, by the time he reached his destination, it was already getting dark.

Natasha’s celebration banquet was held at a place called “Montage Sky,” a super five-star hotel.

The location and ambiance were top-notch, with various entertainment facilities available.

It was high-class, had excellent service, an impressive facade, and was the first choice for hosting guests.

At this moment, in the top-floor banquet hall of Montage Sky.

A group of well-dressed young men and women were gathered, toasting and chatting.

On the stage, splendid performances continued, adding to the excitement of the audience.

The whole banquet hall was lively.

“Senior brother, will Miss Natasha really show up today?”

In a corner, a man and a woman held their wine glasses and kept looking around, as if searching for something.

These two were none other than Roselyn and Carlos.

“Of course, she will!”

Carlos said confidently, “I’ve already inquired. Today is the celebration banquet of the United Group, and as the chairman, Miss Natasha won’t miss it. She’s probably on her way here right now.”

“I’m a bit worried, though. Can Miss Natasha really help us?”

Roselyn looked worried.

Yesterday, when Healwell Clinic was set on fire, it had left her traumatized. If she hadn’t stayed out all night, she might have perished in the flames.

Moreover, this fire was orchestrated by the Stratford family, and she didn’t even dare to report it.

For self-preservation, she had to rely on Carlos to seek help from more influential figures.

So, Carlos had brought her here.

“Junior sister, not to boast, but if you can get Miss Natasha to intervene, forget about the Stratford family; even if you add the Torby family, they will have to bow down!” Carlos said with a serious expression.

“That powerful?” Roselyn’s eyelids jumped, surprised. “Senior brother, who is this Miss Natasha, really?”

Carlos glanced around and lowered his voice. “Junior sister, do you know that above the eight major prestigious families in Stonia, there are also the four royal clans?”

“I’ve heard of it,” Roselyn nodded.

Prestigious families were already the limit of what she had encountered. As for the royal clans of Stonia, she didn’t even dare to think about it. They were the most powerful forces beneath the imperial authority, standing at the pinnacle of the Dragonmarsh’s hierarchy. They were entities that ordinary people needed to look up to all their lives.

“Now that you know about the four royal clans, it’s easier to understand,” Carlos nodded and said with a serious expression, “To be frank, this Miss Natasha is from the Duncan family, one of the royal clans, and her grandfather is none other than the Duke of Duncan, who wields immense power within the Forbidden City!”

“What? The Duke of Duncan?!” Roselyn was taken aback, her voice uncontrollably rising several degrees.

“Lower your voice!” Carlos’s expression changed, and he immediately covered Roselyn’s mouth. After making sure no one heard, he slowly released her and warned, “This is confidential; you mustn’t let it slip, or your head will be in danger!”

“Okay, okay, okay…”

Roselyn covered her mouth with her hands and nodded repeatedly, her heart pounding. In an instant, she was drenched in cold sweat.

She never imagined that the Miss Natasha she was meeting today was the granddaughter of the Duke of Duncan.

That was the current Duke, an existence that could have direct conversations with the Emperor!

A figure that could make Yanjing tremble just by stomping their foot!

In the presence of such a prominent figure, the Torby and Stratford families were like insignificant ants, not worth mentioning!

Thinking about this, she suddenly became excited.

If she could please Miss Natasha and align herself with the Duke of Duncan, this towering giant tree.

Wouldn’t she be able to stride confidently through Stonia in the future?


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