Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403: Beauty List

“Junior sister, do you now realize how impressive this is?” Carlos had a slightly proud expression. “As long as Miss Natasha is willing to step in, what does the Stratford family matter?”

“Yes, yes…” Roselyn nodded repeatedly, unable to contain her excitement.

She had already decided that no matter the cost, she would please Miss Natasha. This way, she could not only turn danger into safety but also rise to prominence and completely enter Stonia’s upper-class circles.

“By the way, senior brother, how do you know all this?” Roselyn suddenly became curious.

“To be honest, my uncle holds a position in the imperial court as a staff officer under the Duke of Duncan’s command. He has an extensive network of contacts, so it’s easy for me to gather these secrets,” Carlos said, raising his chin and looking quite proud.

In reality, Natasha’s identity was already public knowledge within the circles of the powerful and influential, not much of a secret. However, most ordinary people wouldn’t have access to this information.

“Indeed, senior brother, you’re really something!”

Roselyn raised her thumb, her eyes sparkling with admiration. Her adoring expression made Carlos quite content. Having a little fangirl following him was not bad at all, as it satisfied his vanity constantly.

“Senior brother, what does Miss Natasha look like? What if she arrives, and we don’t recognize her?” Roselyn scanned the surroundings, fearing they might miss the opportunity if they misidentified her.

“I don’t know exactly what she looks like, but I can assure you that Miss Natasha is very beautiful, and not just your average beauty!” Carlos was confident.

“You’ve never even seen Miss Natasha, so how do you know she’s beautiful?” Roselyn was curious.

“While I haven’t seen her, I’ve heard about her beauty,” Carlos said, taking a sip of his drink. He continued, “Have you heard of the Vermilion Rouge List?”

“I’ve heard of it,” Roselyn nodded. “The Vermilion Rouge List, also known as the Beauty List, consists of the top one hundred most beautiful women selected from all over the country. They are primarily rated based on their appearance, followed by their family background and personal talents.”

“All women in the world take pride in making it onto the Beauty List.”

“However, the selection for the Beauty List is very strict. Only truly exceptional beauties are qualified to be on it.”

As she spoke, a hint of sadness flashed in Roselyn’s eyes.

She considered herself exceptionally beautiful with remarkable talents, yet she couldn’t even come close to meeting the Beauty List’s minimum criteria. There were simply too many beautiful women in the Dragonmarsh.

“You’re absolutely right. Those who make it onto the Beauty List are all exceptional beauties, and Miss Natasha happens to be one of them!” Carlos’s face was full of anticipation.

“What? Miss Natasha is on the Beauty List?” Roselyn was both surprised and envious.

No wonder Carlos was so confident; there was a reason behind it.

“In fact, not only is she on the list, but she also ranks high, currently holding the third position!” Carlos dropped a bombshell.

“Th… third?” Roselyn’s eyes widened, and her voice began to tremble.

Making it onto the Beauty List was already a great honor, but ranking at the top was even more prestigious. She had never imagined that Miss Natasha not only had an impressive background but also possessed extraordinary beauty.

The pressure of being in the presence of such a woman was overwhelming.

“Third on the Beauty List is Miss Natasha; second is the Dragonmarsh’s Female War God, Scarlet; and the top spot belongs to the mysterious and enigmatic Margaret,” Carlos recited the names of the top three on the Beauty List with an air of reverence.

If he could marry a woman from the top ten of the Beauty List, he would consider his life fulfilled.

“Senior brother, you’re handsome and talented. How about trying to pursue Miss Natasha?” Carlos blurted out suddenly.

She had a certain fondness for Carlos and also admired him to some extent. However, to please Miss Natasha, she was willing to give up her feelings for him.


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