Chapter 1404

Chapter 1404: She Is My Woman

“Don’t joke around, Miss Natasha is pursued by many outstanding individuals in her circle, and I’m just an ordinary person,” Carlos shook his head.

Although he was very tempted, he also had some self-awareness. The gap between his and Miss Natasha’s social status was enormous.

“Senior brother, there’s nothing in the world that can’t be achieved if one sets their mind to it. No matter what, you should give it a try. What if Miss Natasha happens to like your type?” Roselyn started encouraging him.

“Is that true?” Carlos was somewhat uncertain.

“Can I lie to you?” Roselyn continued to boost his confidence. “Look at yourself, handsome, tall, dignified, charismatic, and, most importantly, highly skilled in medicine. You’re considerate and have excellent character. Such a perfect man is truly rare in the world!”

“Really?” Carlos adjusted his hair and straightened his tie, suddenly brimming with confidence.

He even felt a bit light-headed.

Indeed, he was so outstanding, so perfect, and full of potential. Marrying the granddaughter of the Duke of Duncan shouldn’t be out of the question, right?

“Senior brother, believe in yourself. You are the best, and as long as you show your charm, you can definitely win Miss Natasha’s heart!” Roselyn continued to encourage him.

“Junior sister, you truly understand me!” Puffed up with praise, Carlos couldn’t stop grinning. “I have the looks, the physique, the talents, the charm, and, most importantly, I’m highly skilled in medicine. With all these qualities, I should have no trouble winning Miss Natasha’s heart!”

“That’s right!” Roselyn smiled.

As long as Carlos managed to win over Miss Natasha, she would bask in his glory as well.

“Hey… you two, are you daydreaming or something?” A disdainful voice suddenly rang out from behind them.

Startled, they turned around to see a familiar face.

“Dustin, what are you doing here?” Carlos was surprised.

“Why can’t I be here?” Dustin retorted.

“Hmph! This is an upscale gathering place for important figures. Who are you to have the qualifications to enter?” Roselyn said with a cold expression.

The memory of Dustin threatening to disfigure her face had left a lingering resentment in her heart.

“Your status doesn’t seem much more prestigious than mine. If you can get in, so can I,” Dustin shrugged.

“You—!” Roselyn was about to lose her temper, but Carlos raised his hand to stop her. “Remember the occasion, don’t make a spectacle of yourself.”

Taking a deep breath, Roselyn ultimately restrained herself. She decided to deal with this guy after they handled the main matter today.

“Dustin, when did you arrive?” Carlos tried to put on a friendly smile.

“From the moment you mentioned that your uncle holds a position in the court,” Dustin replied indifferently.

“What? So you’ve heard everything?” Carlos’s tone suddenly rose.

Seeing others paying attention, he immediately coughed to ease the awkwardness.

“I heard about half of it,” Dustin admitted calmly.

“Why are you like this?” Carlos became anxious. “You eavesdropped while hiding, and didn’t make a sound. Isn’t that sneaky?”

“I was just passing by. Who would have thought you’d get more and more outrageous and even entertain improper thoughts? I couldn’t help but intervene,” Dustin shook his head.

“Hmph! What we talk about is none of your business!” Roselyn said irritably.

“Dustin, are you being too overbearing? I’m handsome, talented, is there a problem with pursuing Miss Natasha?” Carlos asked with a serious tone.

“You can pursue anyone else, but not Miss Natasha,” Dustin shook his head.

“Why?” Carlos furrowed his brows.

“Because she’s my woman,” Dustin calmly stated.

His declaration was dominant and domineering.


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