Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405: True Beauty

“What? She’s your woman?”

Hearing this, both Carlos and Roselyn were stunned. They exchanged bewildered looks, suspecting that they had misheard.

Who is Miss Natasha?

The third-ranked beauty on the Rouge List, the granddaughter of Robert Duncan, the dream goddess of countless outstanding men.

A poor guy dared to shamelessly claim that Miss Natasha was his woman.

Could this guy have lost his mind?

“Dustin, are you…serious?” Carlos asked tentatively.

“Of course,” Dustin replied confidently.


Hearing this, Carlos burst into laughter, as if he had heard a massive joke. “Dustin, Dustin, are you still half-asleep? You’re saying Miss Natasha is your woman? Hahaha…”

By the end of his sentence, he was laughing heartily, with an exaggerated expression.

“Hmph! Shameless!”

Roselyn crossed her arms and sneered, “You should take a look at yourself. Don’t think changing your clothes can change your status. You’re still just a loser. Someone like you isn’t even qualified to shine Miss Natasha’s shoes!”

Miss Natasha was noble, had a background, beauty, figure, and capability. She was pursued by countless men. A beggar like him, wanting to pursue Miss Natasha?

It was like a toad wishing to eat swan’s meat.

“Dustin, you need to have some self-awareness in life. It’s good to have dreams, but you also need to see if you have the ability,” Carlos laughed and said, “The gap between you and Miss Natasha is like the difference between heaven and earth. She’s the phoenix that everyone in the sky looks up to, and you’re just an ant in the abyss. Even if you try to climb, you’ll never reach that height. Wake up, stop dreaming!”

Even someone of his caliber, born into a prestigious family, didn’t dare to say he could win Miss Natasha.

So what could Dustin possibly be?

“Don’t be so condescending. Some things, you’ll never understand,” Dustin calmly replied. “I’ll say it again, Natasha is my woman. You two better not harbor any improper thoughts.”

“Pretending! Keep pretending! I want to see how long you can keep it up!” Roselyn sneered dismissively.

“Dustin, uttering nonsense comes at a price. Your audacious words, if heard by Miss Natasha, could bring catastrophic consequences. So, I advise you to choose your words carefully,” Carlos teased with a smirk.

“What I needed to say, I’ve already said. Whether you believe it or not is your business,” Dustin replied, disinterested in further explanation.

Dealing with narrow-minded individuals like these was pointless. He had only issued a warning with his words.

Just then, there was a commotion at the entrance. The group turned their heads to see a stunning woman dressed in a black evening gown, wearing black high heels, entering gracefully. She resembled a black swan and walked confidently, capturing everyone’s attention.

The woman wore no makeup, yet her natural beauty was breathtaking. Her figure was exquisite, and she exuded an air of grace and dignity that commanded respect. Standing there, she appeared like a queen, elevated above the rest.

Her arrival immediately drew the spotlight, making it impossible for anyone to divert their gaze.

“She’s so beautiful!” Carlos was completely entranced.

His eyes widened, and his face was filled with astonishment.

“Could this be the true definition of a beauty among the nation’s beauties?” Roselyn was equally stunned.

Comparing her flawless face and figure to her own, she couldn’t help but feel self-conscious.

She considered herself a beauty, but in front of this truly exceptional woman, she felt utterly overshadowed.

Many socialites and heiresses had attended the event, each adorned in eye-catching attire and exuding extraordinary charm.

However, when Natasha, this black rose, made her entrance, she immediately stole the spotlight, overshadowing every other woman present.


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