Chapter 1406

hapter 1406: Center of Attention

“Miss Natasha, hello!”

“Miss Natasha, hello!”

After a brief silence, the entire banquet hall became lively. Men and women alike approached, offering greetings and pleasantries. Those present were either high-ranking officials or top executives, and they had some understanding of Natasha’s status. Certain individuals had even come specifically to flatter and curry favor.

“Don’t be so formal, please make yourselves at ease,” Natasha responded calmly to the compliments and greetings from the crowd.

Her serene gaze swept the surroundings, as if searching for something.

“Brother, could that be Miss Natasha?” Roselyn discreetly pointed in Natasha’s direction.

“It should be her. Aside from Miss Natasha, I can’t think of anyone else with such breathtaking beauty!” Catlos’s eyes sparkled, his face flushed, and his heart raced. Although he had seen many beautiful women, this level of beauty was truly unprecedented.

At this moment, he finally understood the meaning of “love at first sight.” If he could marry such an extraordinary woman, he would willingly give up ten years of his life.

“She truly lives up to her reputation as the third on the Beauty List, absolutely stunning!” Roselyn couldn’t take her eyes off Natasha. As a woman herself, she no longer felt any jealousy, only amazement and admiration.


Suddenly, Natasha, who was the center of attention, seemed to spot something and her expression brightened. She quickened her pace towards a certain direction.

Her joy was evident, impossible to conceal.

“Brother! Look, look! Miss Natasha is coming in our direction! Could she be coming for you?” Seeing Natasha approaching, Roselyn was excited and nervous at the same time.

“For me? Are you sure?”

Carlos was taken aback and felt a bit unsure of himself. His earlier confidence had faded upon seeing Natasha in person. This woman was just too perfect, like a celestial being, too pure and untouchable.

“How could it not be? It’s just us here, who else could she be coming for?” Roselyn started to create scenarios in her mind. “In my opinion, Miss Natasha must have taken a liking to you and came over to make your acquaintance!”

“Really?” Hearing this, Carlos looked around and indeed noticed that there were no other important figures nearby. At that moment, his emotions were a mixture of surprise and anxiety.

Could it be that he was about to have some unexpected romantic luck tonight?

“Brother! Have confidence!” Roselyn whispered, trying to boost his morale. “You are handsome, knowledgeable, and charming. It’s not surprising if you catch Miss Natasha’s eye. Just seize the opportunity and win her heart. Your future will be boundless!”

Encouraged by these compliments, Carlos’s face lit up again. His lost confidence was quickly restored.

“Good! Since Miss Natasha has shown interest, I can’t let a beautiful lady’s heart grow cold. Let’s see how I can win her over tonight!”

Carlos adjusted his tie, ran his fingers through his hair, and confidently walked towards Natasha as if he were a gallant knight ready to woo a princess.

“Miss Natasha, hello, I am…”

As Carlos approached and extended his hand with a smile, he suddenly realized that Natasha didn’t even acknowledge him. She simply walked past him and, in front of the crowd’s astonished eyes, rushed into the embrace of Dustin, her face filled with joy. “Husband! I missed you so much!”


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