Chapter 1407

Chapter 1407: Fiancé

“Husband! I missed you so much!”

In front of the stunned crowd, Natasha swiftly rushed into Dustin’s embrace, holding him tightly. Her actions resembled a passionate reunion between long-lost lovers, filled with warmth and intimacy.

However, her audacious move left everyone in the room in shock. They stared with wide eyes, utterly amazed. Carlos and Roselyn, in particular, were struck by disbelief.

What was happening?

The Chairman of the United Group, the third-ranked beauty on the Beauty List, and the granddaughter of a duke, voluntarily embracing a poor guy?
How could this be possible?!

Carlos’s hand remained extended in a frozen posture, and his smile had turned into a stiff expression. Inside, he was experiencing a tidal wave of shock.

Could it be true? Were Dustin’s previous claims accurate?

Could it be that this country’s stunning beauty, Natasha, was really Dustin’s woman?

But how could that be?

Dustin was just an unknown figure, perhaps skilled in martial arts and medicine at best. There were countless such individuals in Stonia, nothing extraordinary.

Why him?

Why did someone like him, who was nothing special, receive the favor of Natasha?

While he, who was handsome, talented, and full of potential, didn’t even have the qualifications for Natasha to glance at him for a moment.

“It’s impossible! How could this guy even know Natasha? What right does he have to associate with a woman of such stature?!” Roselyn’s eyes widened, her face filled with disbelief.

“In my opinion, Dustin is just a country bumpkin trying to make it in Stonia. He has no background, no abilities, and no connections. He can only struggle at the bottom and will never be able to rise above it in his lifetime. He can’t even match up to me, let alone the granddaughter of the current duke. The pairing of these two is like a toad and a swan, it’s unbelievable.”

“Husband, how do I look today? Did I look beautiful? I dressed up carefully just to see you.”

Natasha held Dustin’s waist with both hands, looking up at his handsome and resolute face with joy in her eyes.

Even though they had only been apart for a few days, it felt like a century had passed.

“Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!”

Dustin smiled faintly and reached out to tuck a strand of hair that had escaped its confinement behind Natasha’s ear, making her look even more charming.

All his worries and troubles from before disappeared when he saw the beauty in front of him. His entire spirit seemed to be rejuvenated.
“I look so beautiful, how about giving me a kiss?”

Natasha extended her delicate finger and pointed to her glossy red lips, wearing a s*xy and enchanting smile.


Dustin’s smile froze for a moment.

He glanced around and noticed that hundreds of pairs of eyes were fixed on them.

Kissing in public like this, was it appropriate?

“Hehehe… Just teasing you.”

Natasha chuckled sweetly. “It’s not very polite to do that in front of so many people. We can kiss when we get home.”

Dustin could only smile wryly.

She was indeed a playful little demon, and she hadn’t changed at all.

“Let me introduce you to everyone…”

Natasha, still holding Dustin’s arm, turned to the guests in the banquet hall and said with a smile, “This is my fiancé, Dustin. Please take good care of him in the future.”



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