Chapter 1408

Chapter 1408: Why Not Me

With Natasha’s introduction, the guests in the banquet hall exchanged glances and whispered to each other.

“Who is Dustin? I’ve never heard of him. Do we have such a young talent in Stonia?”

“That’s strange, I consider myself well-informed, but I’ve never heard of this person.”

“So, he’s just an unknown individual? Why would Miss Natasha be interested in someone like that?”

“Well, he does have good looks. Maybe he’s just a pretty boy who can make people happy?”

The high-society guests were perplexed and began speculating about Dustin’s identity. As people accustomed to the upper echelons of society, they were well-connected and well-informed, yet they had never heard of Dustin. This led them to wonder why Natasha, who had always been associated with the elite, would take an interest in such an unknown figure. Was it true love or simply a passing fancy?

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Dustin. I’ve heard about you for a long time,” a plump middle-aged man named Levi approached, his smile warm and friendly. “I am Levi, the owner of the Heavenly Palace Hotel. I’ve always admired your charm, and it’s a great honor to meet you today.”

“Hello, Mr. Levi,” Dustin responded with a smile. It was a courteous exchange, but it was pleasant nonetheless.

Levi’s success as the owner of the Heavenly Palace Hotel suggested that he was not an ordinary figure.

“I’m Aiden, the chairman of Centene Group. Please take care of me in the future, Mr. Dustin.”

“Mr. Dustin, I’m Luke, the Deputy Commander of the City Guard. If you ever encounter any trouble in the future, please feel free to reach out to me. I guarantee you’ll be worry-free.”

“Mr. Dustin…”

With Levi leading the way, more and more influential figures approached Dustin, offering compliments and flattery. They didn’t care who Dustin was or what his background might be. As long as Natasha valued him, they all greeted him with smiles and respect. This was the way of the social elite. Thanks to Natasha, who had previously gone unnoticed, Dustin had become the center of attention at the event.

Dustin basked in the attention and admiration, handling the situation with grace and charm. He greeted everyone with a warm smile, showing impeccable manners.

“Why? Why is it him? Why not me?” Carlos clenched his fists tightly, seething with envy and frustration. He couldn’t understand why Natasha would choose Dustin over him.

“Don’t be disheartened, senior brother. He’s just a pretty face, perhaps Natasha will get tired of him after a few days,” Roselyn whispered to Carlos, trying to console him.

As a woman, she refused to believe that Natasha, with her exceptional qualities, would marry an unknown person. Not to mention the obstacle presented by her grandfather, the Duke of Duncan.

So she was convinced that their relationship couldn’t last, and it was just a temporary fling.

“A pretty face? What qualifications does that guy with the surname Rhys have to let Natasha play with him?” Carlos was still unwilling to accept it. Natasha, the third-ranked beauty on the Beauty List, had inexplicably fallen for Dustin, a nobody. It was like a beautiful flower growing in a pile of dung.

“Why is he the one being played with? Why?”

“What are you all doing?!” Suddenly, a booming voice echoed from the entrance.

The voice was thunderous, causing everyone to turn their heads in astonishment.

A tall and burly young man in military uniform walked in with a commanding presence.

His sharp gaze and powerful aura were unmistakable. The golden epaulettes on his shoulders identified him as a young general.

“Hmm?” When Natasha saw this newcomer, her smile faded, her eyebrows furrowing in annoyance. As for the group of high-society figures who had surrounded Dustin just moments ago, they scattered in a hurry, afraid of getting into trouble.


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