Chapter 1409

Chapter 1409: Ian Bryant

With the military-clad man’s entrance, the entire banquet hall fell silent. Everyone quickly made way for him, as if avoiding a venomous snake.

This newcomer, known for his explosive temper and unpredictable behavior, had a deep background, and no one dared to provoke him. Encountering him meant keeping a safe distance to avoid any trouble.

“Senior brother, who is this person who just came in? He looks very imposing,” Roselyn said, both surprised and curious.

This person had an intimidating presence and clearly had significant influence.

“If I’m not mistaken, he should be Ian Bryant from the Bryant family,” Carlos said, squinting his eyes.

“Ian Bryant? Is he one of the so-called Four Demons of the Underworld?” Roselyn widened her eyes in astonishment.

“Yes, that’s him,” Carlos nodded.

He didn’t dare to look directly at Ian and could only steal glances from the corner of his eye.

The Bryant family, like the Duncan family, was a powerful and influential clan in the inner city. They had immense wealth and power. As for Ian, he was one of the most prominent young talents among the Bryant family members.

Not only did he have a strong background, but he also possessed exceptional abilities. At a young age, he had already achieved the rank of a Fourth-Rank Martial General, showing tremendous potential.

The only problem was Ian’s explosive temper, which often led to trouble. This was why he had a terrible reputation and was known as one of the Four Demons of the Underworld.

“It’s strange. Why would such a bully come here? Judging from his fierce appearance, he wouldn’t be causing trouble, would he?” Roselyn shrank her neck in apprehension.

In Stonia, the Four Demons of the Underworld were notorious troublemakers, and just hearing their names struck fear into people’s hearts.
Ian Bryant was one of them.

“Causing trouble is unlikely. I heard that Ian has fallen in love with Natasha, so he probably came here to support her,” Carlos said thoughtfully.

“Wait a minute!” Roselyn seemed to have realized something suddenly. She said, “If Ian likes Natasha, doesn’t that make him a rival to Dustin?”

“Hmm… It seems that way!”

Carlos quickly caught on to the situation, his demeanor shifting from despondency to determination. He said, “With Ian’s personality, he won’t tolerate anyone competing for his woman. If that’s the case, Dustin is in trouble today!”

“Hmph! Serves him right!” Roselyn crossed her arms and wore a smug expression. “Who asked him to be a toad wanting to eat swan meat? He has no skills and still wants to climb up to Natasha. This is karma! Let’s see how he handles it!”

“I told you, how could such a loser possibly win over a beauty? Now that a strong rival has appeared, let’s see how he deals with it!” Carlos grinned and looked like he was enjoying the show.

A woman he couldn’t have, Dustin wouldn’t get her either!

“Natasha! Who is this guy?” Ian strode forward and stared at Dustin with an unfriendly expression.

He had witnessed the close interaction between Natasha and Dustin, and he naturally felt extremely displeased with this unexpected rival.

“Who he is, has nothing to do with you,” Natasha replied coldly.

“You all have been talking, and I’ve heard it. He’s the little gigolo you’ve been keeping, right?” Ian questioned.

“I’ll say it again, it’s none of your business!” Natasha’s eyes reflected her disdain.

She had had many suitors, but Ian’s type was the one she despised the most – arrogant and overbearing, believing that all women should revolve around him, acting like he was the center of the universe.

It was truly annoying.

“What do you mean ‘none of my business’? You’re the woman I’ve set my sights on, and you can only be with me. Other men aren’t even worthy of you!” Ian spoke with a dominating tone.

“Do you really think you’re worthy of me?”

Natasha snorted. “You have brawns but no brains, like a black chimpanzee. Who would like someone like you?”



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