Chapter 1410

Chapter 1410: Black Cyclone

Ian raised his hand, as if he was about to strike, but then he stopped himself halfway. He had never encountered a woman who dared to speak to him this way. If it weren’t for certain considerations, he would have acted without hesitation.

“You! Who do you think you are? How dare you compete with me for a woman? Do you have a death wish?” Ian shifted his gaze to Dustin, his hostility apparent.

He couldn’t touch Natasha, but dealing with a little gigolo was a piece of cake.

As long as the person wasn’t of royal blood or part of the four major noble families, he could easily handle them.

“Boy! Who are you? Before asking for someone’s name, you should introduce yourself first. It’s basic etiquette,” Dustin calmly replied.

“Hmph! You want to know my name? Fine! I’ll grant your request. I am Ian Bryant from the royal Bryant family, a fourth-ranked Mighty Martial General. People call me the Black Cyclone!” Ian declared with a fierce glare.

“Oh, and what’s the significance of that?” Dustin responded nonchalantly.

“What’s the significance?” Ian was momentarily taken aback, not expecting such a response. Normally, when people heard his name, they would be trembling in fear.

However, this young man showed no reaction.

He couldn’t help but wonder if he hadn’t made himself clear.

“Kid! Don’t you know about the Bryant family’s royal status?” Ian narrowed his eyes.

“I do,” Dustin nodded.

“Do you understand the power of a fourth-ranked Mighty Martial General?” Ian asked.

“I understand,” Dustin nodded once more.

“Then why aren’t you scared, knowing my identity and my strength?” Ian said with a deep voice.

“Why should I be scared?” Dustin replied calmly. “You’re just a bully who relies on his power and lacks any real talent. Why should I be afraid of you?”

With these words, the whole room erupted in shock.

“Oh my god! Is this guy crazy? He actually dares to openly provoke Ian? Doesn’t he care about his life?”

“This young man doesn’t know his place, daring to offend even the Black Cyclone in public. Is he seeking death?”

“When Ian gets angry, blood will be spilled within five steps. This guy is definitely doomed today!”

The sudden turn of events left everyone in shock. No one expected Dustin to be so audacious, openly challenging Ian and showing no fear whatsoever.

Who was Ian?

He was the infamous Black Cyclone, a terrifying figure who struck fear into the hearts of many. Anyone who had crossed paths with Ian had met a gruesome fate, and those who survived were often left maimed.

Normally, if one were to encounter Ian, the instinct would be to avoid him at all costs. However, Dustin had unexpectedly walked right into the lion’s den.

This was tantamount to courting death!

“Hmph! You little fool! Did you just say something? I didn’t catch it clearly. Do you have the guts to say it again?” Ian’s face darkened, and his teeth clenched together as his eyes seemed ready to shoot fire.

“I said, you are an inept, talentless brat who relies solely on your family’s reputation, a paper tiger who abuses your inherited power. Now, do you understand clearly enough?” Dustin spoke calmly, repeating his words.

With these words, everyone had the same thought running through their minds: “He’s done for! There’s no saving him now!”


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