Chapter 1412

Chapter 1412: Infuriated

Such actions from Dustin sparked whispers among the crowd.

“This guy is way too audacious, isn’t he? He actually dares to step onto the stage for a real fight? Remember, Ian is a genuine military officer. Engaging in a duel with someone like him, isn’t that like a moth to a flame?”

“He’s passionate about love, but although his courage is commendable, ultimately, this is self-inflicted suffering.”

“In life, one should have self-awareness. Being an honest gigolo would be so much better. Why must he show off in public? If he gets beaten badly later, he won’t even have time to regret it.”

The guests below the stage sighed and shook their heads. In their eyes, Dustin’s behavior was undoubtedly self-destructive.

Originally, with Miss Natasha protecting him, he could have just played it safe. But, for the sake of his ego, he had to confront Ian head-on.

Now, it was difficult to back down, and he might even be risking his life.

“Hmph! Utterly foolish, hiding behind Miss Natasha isn’t good enough? He had to show off. Let’s see how he ends up now!” Carlos sneered.

“What a self-important fool! He thinks he can stand up to a fourth-grade military officer with a bit of martial arts skill? He’s simply seeking death!” Roselyn rejoiced in his misfortune.

The two of them stood side by side, watching Dustin on the stage as if they were watching a dead man.

When they learned that Miss Natasha had feelings for Dustin, they had mixed feelings of envy and jealousy. But now, there was no need for that, as he was about to meet his demise.

“Kid! I’ll give you one last chance. Kneel before me, beg for mercy, and leave Natasha alone. That way, I’ll spare your life!” Ian, with his hands behind his back, stood proudly on the stage, his face cold and his eyes sharp.

He seemed to be sure of his victory.

“The same goes for you. Don’t bother my woman anymore, or I’ll beat you so badly that you won’t even recognize your own mother,” Dustin calmly replied.

“You insolent brat! It seems you won’t shed tears until you see your coffin! Die for me!” Ian finally lost his patience. With a powerful leap, he shot forward like an arrow, and when he closed in on Dustin, he raised his fist and struck fiercely at Dustin’s face.

This punch was full of force, creating a gust of wind, and it was enough to shatter stone and split a boulder. He had never been defeated in military sparring, and now, dealing with a young gigolo like Dustin should be a piece of cake.

As Ian’s powerful punch hurtled towards him, Dustin didn’t dodge or evade; he simply raised his hand lightly and caught Ian’s iron fist.

A muffled sound echoed as their fists collided.

Dustin remained unmoved, showing no reaction.

In contrast, Ian wore a stunned expression, finding it somewhat unbelievable. He realized that his powerful strike seemed to dissipate upon contact with Dustin’s palm, as if it had caused no disturbance whatsoever.

The strength he had taken pride in had lost its effect.

How could this be?

“If this is all the strength you have, you might as well surrender,” Dustin calmly remarked.

“You’re looking for death!”

Ian, infuriated and embarrassed, channeled all the inner strength in his body and struck with another powerful punch, aiming directly for Dustin’s chin.

His punch was formidable, and its power intensified, like a fierce tiger pouncing.

“Ignorant and stubborn.”

Dustin shook his head, sidestepped Ian’s punch, and seized his wrist in the process, gently pulling it forward.

Due to the momentum, Ian lost his balance and stumbled forward.

Simultaneously, Dustin extended his leg and tripped him.

Then, with a loud thud, Ian tumbled to the ground unceremoniously, his dignity thoroughly shattered.


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