Chapter 1413

Chapter 1413: Lighting Fist


As they watched Dustin fall face-first, making a rather undignified tumble, the audience below couldn’t help but be stunned, their faces filled with astonishment.

No one had expected that Ian, who had just been imposing and arrogant, would suddenly take such a big fall.

Although Ian had a notorious reputation, no one doubted his strength. To become a fourth-ranked mighty general and be known as the “Hedonistic Devil” clearly indicated that he was no ordinary person.

With his abilities, taking on ten or even a hundred opponents single-handedly would not be a problem.

However, this formidable general, this notorious figure, had fallen flat on his face in such a humiliating manner.

It was truly embarrassing.

The fearsome image he had cultivated was completely shattered.

“What’s going on? How did Cui Xiong just fall like that?” Carlos stared in disbelief, not understanding what had just happened.

The lightning-fast exchange of movements had left him momentarily puzzled.

“It’s… it’s just an accident!” Roselyn took a deep breath and began to reassure herself.

How could someone like Dustin possibly be a match for a mighty general? It was just a coincidence.

On the stage, Ian, who had taken a tumble, seemed a bit dazed. It took him several seconds to quickly climb back to his feet.

At this moment, he appeared disheveled, his nose flattened, and two streams of blood flowed down, staining his white shirt.

He looked rather ridiculous.


In the audience, Natasha couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Her laughter immediately triggered a chain reaction, causing untimely laughter to erupt from various places in the room.

Although they tried to restrain themselves, the earlier laughter had caused quite a stir.

“Shut up! No one is allowed to laugh! Everyone, shut up!” Ian was immediately provoked and shouted angrily, “If anyone dares to laugh again, I will kill their entire family!”

With his words, the laughter abruptly stopped. The entire hall fell silent as those who had laughed moments ago lowered their heads, showing fear on their faces.

Almost forgetting, Ian was ruthless and vengeful. Anyone who offended him would be in for trouble.


Wiping away the blood from his nose, Ian’s fierce gaze once again fell on Dustin as he roared, “You damned mutt! How dare you make a fool out of me? I will make you die without a burial ground!”

As he spoke, he lunged forward like a mad beast, his eyes filled with bloodlust.

“Die for me!”

Ian roared, no longer holding back, as he unleashed his deadly technique.

His fists flew like a storm, creating a sky full of punch shadows that rained down on Dustin.

His ferocious punches were like a raging storm, unstoppable.

Wherever they went, there was a continuous howling sound, sending shivers down everyone’s spines.

“What a terrifying pressure! Could this be Bryant Family’s Lighting Fist?”

“That’s right! The Lighting Fist is one of the Bryant Family’s ancestral secret techniques. Once mastered, it can break gold and shatter rocks. It’s incredibly powerful and unstoppable!”

“It seems that Ian is truly enraged. He’s using his family’s ancestral secret technique. Dustin is in grave danger!”

Watching Ian transform into what seemed like a war god, many in the audience showed expressions of shock.

To become one of the Bryant Family’s outstanding members and achieve the rank of a fourth-ranked general, Ian was indeed no empty name.

“Is there any hope for you now?”

Carlos and Roselyn stared intently, their faces filled with anticipation.

Provoking Ian to use his family’s secret technique meant Dustin was in deep trouble.

“Coming again?”

Dustin raised an eyebrow slightly, showing signs of impatience.


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