Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414: A Loud Punch

He had been polite enough, refraining from hurting anyone all along, with the sole purpose of making Ian realize his mistake and back down. He hadn’t expected the other party to be so ignorant, behaving as if they were evenly matched. Seeing that the opponent was completely unaware of the gap between them, Dustin decided to stop holding back and threw a punch without any restraint.

It was simple and straightforward.


With a loud explosion, the overwhelming and fierce flurry of punches that had filled the sky was instantly shattered by Dustin’s punch. The surging force sent Ian flying several meters away before crashing heavily onto the ground, unable to get up.


As soon as he hit the ground, Ian spewed out a mouthful of blood, his face turning pale. His entire body felt as if his bones had been disassembled, causing excruciating pain. He couldn’t muster the strength to even roll over.


Witnessing this scene, the entire crowd was in an uproar. People stared wide-eyed, their faces filled with disbelief.

When Ian had unleashed his ultimate move, they all thought that Dustin was as good as dead. However, nobody had expected Dustin to be so powerful that a single punch easily shattered the Bryant family’s secret technique and sent Ian flying. It was a completely one-sided victory.

This strength was truly terrifying!

“Am I seeing things? Ian actually lost? And he lost so miserably?”

“A fourth-ranked military general couldn’t even defeat a little pretty boy? Nobody would believe it if we told them.”

“Oh my God! Are all pretty boys this strong nowadays? It’s unbelievable!”

Looking at Ian, who was in a sorry state, the crowd exchanged glances, feeling that this was beyond comprehension. They had initially thought Dustin was just a freeloading pretty boy with no real skills.

The unexpected turn of events had left everyone stunned.

“How… how is this possible? How could this guy defeat Ian?” Carlos and Roselyn were in shock, their faces frozen in disbelief.

The sudden reversal hit them like a heavy blow, shattering their hopes of seeing Dustin humiliated and defeated, even to the point of death. However, things had taken an entirely different turn. Not only was Dustin unharmed, but he had also displayed his dominance in a grand fashion.

This feeling was even worse for them than if they had eaten something truly disgusting.

“Victory and defeat are clear. Remember, stay away from my woman,” Dustin calmly stated before turning away and walking down from the stage without looking back.

At this moment, the way people looked at Dustin had changed. It seemed that this pretty boy was not as simple as they had thought.

“You damn bastard! Just die!”

As Dustin walked away, Ian’s face twisted in rage, his eyes filled with madness. Ignoring all else, he pulled out the gun from his waist and squeezed the trigger harshly.

“Be careful behind you!”

Natasha’s expression changed, and she hurriedly shouted a warning.

However, by the time she spoke, the gunshots had already rung out.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

Several gunshots echoed through the crowd, and a few unfortunate guests were hit by stray bullets, lying on the ground in pain.

As for Dustin, who had been the intended target, he had disappeared. When he reappeared, he was standing right in front of Ian.

The two of them locked eyes, their faces mere centimeters apart.

At this moment, Dustin’s face was cold, his eyes filled with a murderous glint, and his killing intent was palpable.

“You… are looking for death!” Ian snarled in a last-ditch effort to regain control of the situation.


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