Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416: Madman

A wave of deathly fear instantly filled his entire body.

“Don’t… don’t kill me… it’s all a misunderstanding,” Ian’s voice croaked as he squeezed out a few words.

At this moment, he was genuinely terrified.

When death approaches, all your status, position, and dignity become insignificant.

As long as he could stay alive, he was willing to abandon all of these.

He had such a beautiful life ahead of him, with endless wealth and prosperity to enjoy. He didn’t need to fight with anyone.

“Master Ian, you don’t need to be afraid. This guy won’t dare to do anything, he’s just trying to scare you,” Roselyn reassured him.

“Scare me?” Ian’s mouth twitched, almost bursting out with curses.

His chest was about to be crushed, and he was being told this was just a scare?

“Master Ian, hold on. I’ve already called for help. Once reinforcements arrive, this guy, Dustin, won’t escape!” Roselyn continued to encourage him.

Damn it! Can you please shut up?

Ian’s inner anger raged. His life was in Dustin’s hands, and this was the worst time to provoke him.

If he weren’t so suppressed, rendering his entire body powerless, he would have loved to throw a couple of punches and smash Roselyn’s head.

What kind of advice is this? Instead of offering counsel, you’re threatening me! Do you want me to die faster?

“Hey, buddy, we don’t have to become enemies. If you release me, I’ll pretend today never happened. What do you say?” Ian weakly pleaded.

“If I release you, you probably won’t survive the night,” Dustin said coldly.

“No… no way…” Ian shook his head repeatedly. “I swear I won’t hold you responsible.”

“You won’t hold me responsible, but I will hold you accountable,” Dustin didn’t relent. “You’ve provoked a woman I care about, acted all high and mighty, and now you want to walk away unscathed? It’s not going to be that easy.”

“What do you want then?” Ian was getting nervous.

“First, make a public apology; second, never harass the woman I care about again; third, compensate me for my emotional distress. If you do these things, I’ll let you go,” Dustin laid out his terms.


Before Ian could respond, Roselyn interjected, “You’re dreaming! Who do you think you are? You dare to ask Master Ian for an apology? That’s utterly delusional!”

“Dustin! I warn you not to overstep! Release Master Ian, surrender, and you might have a chance to survive. If you remain obstinate, there’s only one path for you—death!” Carlos shouted.

The two of them sang in harmony, their cooperation incredibly seamless.

“You… you…” Ian, in his frustration, spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot.

These two lunatics were practically pushing him into a pit of fire!

“Master Ian, don’t get agitated. Reinforcements will be here soon; hold on!” Carlos tried to console him.

“Dustin! You better release Master Ian now, or I’ll fight you to the death!” Roselyn threatened loudly.

As she spoke, she sneakily glanced at Ian.

Heh heh, with her dedicated performance, she should earn Ian’s appreciation, right?

Ian clenched his teeth, his eyes looking like they could devour someone.

At this moment, his resentment towards Carlos and Roselyn was even greater than his anger towards Dustin.

These two lunatics! If I manage to get out of here alive, I’ll make sure to break both of your legs!

“Ian, is it a deal with my conditions or do you want to continue this confrontation until the end? It’s your choice,” Dustin said coldly.

“I agree… I agree to your conditions,” Ian finally gave in.

Damn it, if this continues, I’ll end up bleeding to death.

“Very well, I hope you’ll keep your word.”

Dustin nodded and finally released his foot.

Ian felt an immediate relief, the sense of impending death gradually dissipating. He felt as if he had been granted a reprieve and began to breathe the air around him frantically.

The oppressive force Dustin had just exerted on him was simply too great.

He could be sure that if he had shown even a hint of stubbornness or any signs of revenge, he would likely have been killed on the spot!

This guy is an absolute madman!


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