Chapter 1417

Chapter 1417: Evil King of the World

Huff… huff…

Ian was panting heavily, his body drenched in cold sweat. He felt like he had just survived a catastrophe.

He had never imagined that the young man by Lady Natasha’s side, this so-called “little white face,” would be so strong and audacious, completely disregarding the importance of the Bryant family.

Was he just arrogant and ignorant?

Or did he have some kind of backing that made him fearless?

“Master Ian, are you okay?”

At this moment, Carlos and Roselyn approached cautiously, expressing their loyalty while trying to comfort Ian.

All the bluster against Dustin had been to win Ian’s favor.

If they could become his trusted confidants, they would enter the upper echelons.

Success and prosperity were within their grasp!

“Master Ian, you didn’t need to be afraid of him just now. You could have confronted him head-on, and I doubt he would have dared to do anything to you!” Roselyn said, pointing her chin at Dustin, full of pride and disdain.

In her eyes, Dustin was merely bluffing.

After all, as long as someone had a somewhat normal mind, they wouldn’t dare to challenge the dignity of the Bryant family.

“Ian, if you’re not satisfied, you can always give it another try,” Dustin said emotionlessly.

“Try it and die!” Roselyn glared. “Master Ian, reinforcements will be here soon. Just give the word, and I promise he’ll pay a heavy price!”

“Shut the hell up!”

Ian’s eyes widened, and he delivered a powerful punch directly to Roselyn’s face.


A muffled sound.

Roselyn’s head tilted back, and she stumbled back several steps, collapsing onto the ground. Her nose was flattened, her front teeth broken, blood oozing from her nose and mouth. She felt dizzy and disoriented, completely stunned and unable to react for a moment.

In fact, if Ian hadn’t been completely weakened, that punch alone would have been enough to seriously harm Roselyn.

“Ma-Master Ian… Why did you hit me?” Roselyn covered her mouth and nose, her face full of grievance.

She couldn’t understand where she had gone wrong. She thought she was helping, so why did she suddenly get punched for no reason?

Not only Roselyn, but Carlos beside her also wore a bewildered expression.

What was happening?

Could it be that Ian had been rendered unable to distinguish friend from foe, whether they were allies or enemies?

“Why did I hit you? I wish I could chop you into pieces!” Ian gritted his teeth, wanting to continue but suddenly felt his legs give way, almost falling to the ground.

“Master Ian, this is my junior sister. I don’t know what she did to offend you, but please give me face…” Carlos attempted to speak, but before he could finish, Ian backhanded him with a slap to the face, shouting, “Damn it! Who do you think you are, you worthless piece of crap? Do I owe you any face? Get the hell out of here!”


Carlos stumbled back from the force of the slap, almost falling.

Clutching his burning cheek, he felt completely at a loss.

Damn, did this guy really lose his mind? He’s ignoring Dustin, his enemy, and venting on us? Is there any justice in this?

“You two pieces of crap, say one more word, and I’ll rip your mouths apart!” Ian was furious, radiating an intimidating presence.

Carlos and Roselyn were terrified and dared not utter another word.

This guy was truly unpredictable!

“Ian, it’s time to fulfill your promise,” Dustin reminded him at the right moment.

Ian took a deep breath, forcibly composed himself, and finally turned to Dustin with a somewhat unsightly expression. He said, “I’m sorry. I was too impulsive just now and made a mistake. I apologize to you. Furthermore, I promise not to harass Lady Natasha again. Is that enough?”

Although he felt humiliated and lost face, he had to bow his head when he was under someone else’s roof.

“What? Did Master Ian actually apologize?”

The crowd was in an uproar upon hearing Ian’s words.

You see, the title of the “Evil King of the World” wasn’t just an empty claim. Even when he had struck someone, it was the person who had been struck that ended up apologizing.

They had never witnessed Ian apologizing to anyone before.


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