Chapter 1418

Chapter 1418: Useless Trash

This was truly an unprecedented turn of events.

Carlos and Roselyn exchanged glances, both wearing expressions of disbelief.

They never expected that Ian, whom they had worked so hard to please, would be so timid. He was actually frightened by a few threats from a “little white face” and ended up apologizing in public.

He had really degraded himself!

This so-called “Evil King of the World” didn’t seem so formidable after all.

Natasha watched quietly, smiling without saying a word.

Indeed, her man was domineering and never indulged these pampered playboys.

“Now, how do you plan to compensate me for my emotional distress?” Dustin spoke again.

“Name your price,” Ian replied.

“I see your Bryant family isn’t short on money, so how about a casual three to five billion?” Dustin said casually.

“What? Three to five billion? Are you out of your mind?” Roselyn couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Dustin, you’ve gone too far!” Carlos said with a stern expression.

Was this guy crazy?

Not only did he hit Ian, but he also demanded compensation, and he started with a figure of three to five billion, all while not causing a single injury.
It was an astronomical sum!

“What’s the matter? Too little? Then let’s add a few more billion.” Dustin immediately increased his asking price.


Roselyn was about to explode with anger but was silenced by a fierce glare from Ian. She immediately turned pale and covered her mouth and nose, too scared to speak.

“Give me some time to gather the money. By this time tomorrow, I’ll compensate you in full, without a single penny less,” Ian said firmly.

“Deal.” Dustin smiled faintly. “It’s settled then.”

Ian didn’t say anything; he just nodded.

Damn, this was truly humiliating. He had never been through such an ordeal before. But given the current situation, he had no choice.

“Quick! Surround this place for me!”

With a commanding shout, a group of fully armed soldiers stormed in, their presence overwhelming. As soon as they entered, they sealed off all entrances and exits of the banquet hall.

The man leading them was in his forties or fifties, wearing a military uniform, and had a robust physique. His face exuded an air of authority. Judging by the epaulettes on his shoulders, his rank was even higher than Ian’s.

“It’s Silas from the Bryant family!”

Upon seeing the middle-aged man, the room erupted with surprised exclamations.

The Bryant family was extensive, and the patriarch had a total of ten children. Among them, Silas was one of the most outstanding. In his forties, he held the position of a second-grade Dragon Might General, commanding significant military power and wielding considerable influence.

What was most crucial was that Silas was infamous for protecting his family. Anyone who dared to harm the Bryant family’s offspring would face his relentless suppression.

Little did they expect that Ian’s beating had stirred up the famously hot-tempered Silas.

It seemed that the situation had escalated.

Anyone who dared to stand out today was courting disaster.

“They’ve arrived! Reinforcements are finally here!”

Seeing this, Roselyn couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

After waiting anxiously, she had finally witnessed the Bryant family’s reinforcements arriving, and it wasn’t in vain for all her efforts.

“Dustin, oh Dustin, your days are numbered!” Carlos smirked coldly.

Silas had always been protective of his family, and Dustin had undoubtedly provoked Silas by beating Ian so severely. Once Silas went on a rampage, even Lady Natasha wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Dustin was finished!

“Uncle Five! You’re finally here?!”

Ian’s eyes lit up as if he had seen a savior. He limped forward.

“You useless trash!”

Silas’s arrival had completely changed the dynamics of the situation.

Silas, with a stern expression, didn’t utter a word. Instead, he immediately slapped Ian across the face.


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