Chapter 1419

Chapter 1419: Causing Trouble


The unexpected slap left Ian bewildered, and he couldn’t react for a moment. The others were equally perplexed, unsure of what was happening.
Wasn’t Uncle Five here to support Ian? Why did he slap his own nephew right after they met?

“Uncle Five, why did you hit me?” Ian rubbed his stinging face, looking somewhat aggrieved.

Outside in the world, he was known as the Demon King, but in front of Uncle Five, he was like a mouse facing a cat. He owed much of his current status to his uncle’s support.

“Humph! Why did I hit you? Haven’t you learned anything?” Uncle Five said sternly.

“How many times have I told you? You can fight, you can cause trouble, you can act recklessly outside, and no matter what you do, the Bryant family will cover for you. But there’s one thing you must never lose at—fighting!”

“The Bryant family doesn’t raise cowards or weaklings. You’re a fourth-grade War General, and you couldn’t even beat a little pretty boy. You’ve brought shame to the Bryant family!”

“Tell me, do you deserve to be hit?” Uncle Five’s words came out in a near shout.

“I…” Ian was momentarily speechless, overwhelmed by shame. He lowered his head.

The Bryant family was a military aristocracy, producing generations of renowned generals. Within the family, there was an unwritten rule: you could fall short in various aspects, but losing in a fight was unforgivable.

Once someone in the family lost a fight outside, they would have to bear a beating upon returning home.

“You useless piece of crap! When you return home, take eighty strokes with the wooden staff and then kneel in the family shrine for three days and nights!” Silas barked.

“Yes,” Ian replied with his head lowered, not daring to argue.

The people in the banquet hall exchanged strange looks, realizing that the Bryant family’s method of upbringing was indeed unique.

Most families would restrict their young members from causing trouble or conflicts outside.

However, the Bryant family took a completely opposite approach.

Not only did they not restrict their members, but they also encouraged causing trouble. However, there was one requirement: never lose in a fight outside, and never tarnish the Bryant family’s reputation.

It was no wonder Ian was called the Demon King. With this kind of upbringing philosophy, who could withstand it?

“Who dared to bully my nephew just now? Step forward and let me take a look!” After admonishing Ian, Silas walked boldly to the center of the room, his sharp gaze scanning the surroundings.

“Master Silas! It was him! He’s the one who beat Ian!” Roselyn reacted quickly, pointing at Dustin, trying to make herself look good.

“Oh?” Silas squinted and turned his gaze in the direction she pointed.

However, when his eyes landed on Dustin’s face, he couldn’t help but be slightly surprised.

This young man, why did he seem somewhat familiar?

“Master Silas, this matter started because of me. If you have any grievances, please take it out on me,” Natasha stepped forward a few steps and stood in front of Dustin.

Silas was a genuine battlefield general, holding the rank of Second-Grade Dragonmarsh General, and he possessed astonishing martial prowess. He was far superior to Ian, a pampered young man.

“Men’s affairs are better left to men,” Silas said, sizing up Dustin more closely, feeling increasingly uneasy. He cautiously inquired, “Kid, what’s your name? Which family are you from?”

“He’s named Dustin, just an unknown nobody,” Roselyn quickly explained. She wouldn’t miss the opportunity to undermine him further.

“Surnamed Rhys?” Silas’s eyelids twitched. Suddenly, he became anxious. There was no prominent Rhys family in Stonia, but that didn’t mean the “Rhys” surname carried no weight.

On the contrary, the “Rhys” surname was on par with the four major royal families and even stood alongside the imperial Rhys family because the King of West Lucozia, a man who held unrivaled power and could challenge an entire country, the surname “Rhys.”

In the past, this wouldn’t have mattered, but now, with this familiar-looking young man who shared the surname “Rhys,” Silas couldn’t help but be suspicious.

“Kid, have we met somewhere before?” Silas rubbed his chin, clearly troubled by his thoughts.


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